How I Minimized My Blog’s Disk Space Usage from 53% to 11%

At the beginning of every new month, I make it a custom to analyze this blog’s traffic, income generated, hosting account usage and many other things that makes this blog function well. While doing this, I noticed that I have used up 53% of the disk space for this blog’s hosting account. In order to avoid problems of site becoming non-accessible, I checked all the files in the control panel. The only file I saw with big size was the error log file. I deleted this but the disk space usage was still 53%.



How to Minimize Disk Space Usage

What I did was to send a support request to the technical staff for my web hosting. If you don’t know, I use Web4Africa (I recommend them to you to). I got a response from one of the Web4Africa technical support staff. I was informed that my mail accounts were consuming most of the disk space. And that the inbox of the main cpanel mail account was consuming most of the disk space . The mail account was consuming like 4GB space

The solution was to delete all the emails in the mail accounts. After the deletion, the disk space usage for this blog went from 53% to 11%. You might wonder why I had to have all the emails deleted. This is because I have copies of the emails in my GMail account. I had set it up to forward all emails from this blog’s mail account to my GMail account.


In case your hosting account has a high disk space usage, you can also delete all your old emails from your blog’s mail accounts. You can safely do this yourself or you can send a support request to your blog’s hosting technical staff and it will be handled.

Have you ever had issues with your blog’s disk space usage? If yes, I’ll be glad to read how you solved yours using methods different from what you read about how i minimized disk space usage from 53% to 11%.



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