Where to Distribute your Articles for Article Marketing Purposes

One way to generate traffic to your blog is using article marketing. Discover where you can share your articles for more traffic to your blog. There are many places on the net where you can upload your articles so they’ll get picked up by publishers. Some are free and some make you pay for exposure. Let’s look at the most common article marketing depots.

Ezine Articles

article-marketingWhen you get an account at www.ezinearticles.com, you’ll start out having to go through a process where your articles take about a week to get approved. After 10 accepted submissions, you get faster approval because you’ve proven yourself to the editors. You’re only allowed to link to your site in your Bio Box.

Go Articles

A faster way of getting your articles available to publishers is to use www.goarticles.com. This is also a free service, and unlike Ezine Articles, you’re allowed to post affiliate links directly within the main text of the article. Article marketing will spike your traffic temporarily, but you always want to continue providing fresh content to the various article directories. You should have your site ready to convert the traffic into sales.

Direct Marketing

Not all article marketing is done through a distribution service. You may find a list of Ezines that cater to your niche and contact the publisher directly for exposure to their readers. You can offer to provide free content in exchange for them allowing you to include a Bio Box or your links directly within the article itself. You can invest in a list of Ezines and find your niche at Directory Of Ezines.

Other Article Distributors

New article directories are popping up all the time. Some are gaining in popularity. You can use a combination of directories to saturate the market with your text and ultimately maximize your potential for traffic and sales.

Here’s a list of more article directories you can use:

• isnare
• snaparticles
• a1articles
• content-articles
• earticlesonline
• free-articles-zone
• getyourarticles
• iwantcontent
• justarticlesonline
• myarticlepub
• newarticlesonline
• postarticles

You can perform a Google search for the key phrase, “article directory” and find out what new sites have sprung up that you can become a contributor of content to. Some authors like to slightly change each article for individual sites rather than submit the same one to every directory.


  • https://www.openinformations.blogspot.com oskaaay

    how helpful are the article sites,i hope they will add to blog traffic and not suck.

    • maven

      @Oskaaay… the article sites works a great deal. The only way why they would suck is if you are lazy. In short, the article sites are not for lazy people. I’m sure you are not lazy. Give them a trial and you would be glad. One more thing, they suck for .blogspot.com blogs