Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting

The domain name regitration is the first thing you need in order to create a website/blog. Your domain name should contain a keyword related to what your website will be about. For example, if your blog’s focus is on blogging, your domain name should have blogging in it. Also, if your blog’s focus is on you (yourself) and what you know how to do, then your domain name should contain your name. The great thing about domain names is that they are free to register for the first year. The bad thing is that if you don’t act fast, someone else might register that perfect domain you’ve been looking to grab.

Web Hosting

Once you have a domain, you’ll need hosting to put all of your website files (texts, PDFs, pictures, themes, plugins, templates etc) into. Some domain registrars offer web hosting. With that you would not need too look far. They will only charge you monthly or yearly to host your website files with them. The good thing is that you can get this for as low as $40 yearly except on cases where there is a need for increase. The increase won’t put a hole in your pocket either.

You should get your own domain name registration and unlimited hosting. This gives you the credibility you desire and also the opportunity to create whatever you want to create on your website to your own taste. With your own domain name and hosting, you will be able to track your website/blog visitors. You will also know who showed interest in the product or service you are marketing on your website/blog.

how-to-register-your-website-domain-namePlease, take note of these things before you get a domain name.

1. Your domain name is the name by which your online customers will remember you.
2. A good domain name is one that is memorable, short (2 – 20 letters) and easy to spell.
3. Get a .com for commercial purpose; a .org for an organization; a .net for a networking site/blog; a .info for strictly information. You should get a .com anyway.
4. Choose your domain name wisely as this cannot be changed once setup

I know a few sites where you can register a domain name and buy a web hosting account. To get your new domain name and web hosting, go to Web4Africa or Hostgator.


Originally posted 2010-07-21 08:00:39.