How to Earn in 5 Years what Your Dad has Earned All His Lifetime

So, you really want to earn in 5 years what your dad has earned all his lifetime? I’m so sure that your answer is YES! First, I need to make some clarifications. 1. It is possible to earn so much more than what your dad (biological father) earned all his lifetime. (All things are possible to them that believe). 2. You won’t earn even 10% of what your dad has earned in his lifetime if you keep giving excuses and daydreaming. (Believe without works is dead).

I guess i’m sounding too “churchy” but those are the first truths you need to know. Other things I need you to understand before I show you how to earn in 5 years what your dad has earned all his lifetime are as follows;

3. You will need to LEARN more than your dad has learned all his lifetime.

4. You will need to invest TIME, MONEY, DEDICATION, COMMITMENT, WISDOM etc more than your dad has invested all his lifetime.

5. You will need to BUILD A NETWORK (system of ideas, businesses, people etc) more than your dad has built in his lifetime.

6. You will need to make use of real and legit business OPPORTUNITIES more than your dad has used in his lifetime.

7. You will need to give VALUE more than the value your dad has given in his lifetime.

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Originally posted 2014-03-21 10:41:43.