How to Easily Sell Information Products in Nigeria

The easiest way to sell information products is to give them away or offer them with resale rights. The truth is, people won’t visit your site until you get it under their noses. Free information products get your site under their noses. After you give out free information products for their emails, you can then sell other information products to them afterward.

nigeriaSo, the first thing you need to work at to as to easily sell information products is to build your email list. That is where the money is. Without it, you would be losing a lot. Aweber & GetResponse is one of the best service to use for this.

Now, after getting your email list all worked out, you need to sell your information products effectively. To do that, you need to take note and do the following;

1. Create Trust

Shopping on the Internet is fast, convenient and easy – so why don’t people buy from you? Yes, they don’t trust you. You have to give them a reason to trust you. I can’t overemphasize this. You don’t trust every internet marketer because there’s always a chance that they are scamming you. You buy from the ones that managed to convince you to trust them. Do the same for your customers and the will buy from you.

For example, I have tried selling people’s product to my email list but I kept getting replies that, they would rather buy my own thing rather than buying someone’s product I recommended to them. This is because, I have built trust over time.

How to create trust:

* Testimonials – Publish readers comments right on your website. It’s more believable if you add the name of the person – even better if you add the e-mail address of that person, but use names and e-mail addresses only with permission.

* Free downloads – Free trials show that you have supreme confidence in your product. Even if they don’t download it, it shows that you are serious about delivering benefits – not just trying to make a quick buck.

* Money-back guarantee – If they don’t like your information product, they’ll hit you with charge-backs, so you might as well offer a money-back guarantee. It shows them that you won’t put up a fight if they’re unhappy and want a refund.

2. Sell Benefits

No bells and whistles. Keep the sales copy on your site as short and to the point as possible. Tell them how the information product will enhance their lives. No technical specs. No company mission statements. Just tell your visitor about the benefits of the product like you would tell a friend over a cup of coffee. You also need to learn the science and art of copywriting to find out rules for writing effective sales copy.

People buy benefits. They always want to know “What’s In For Me?” If you can solve this in your sales copy, you will sell your information product massively.

In conclusion, create an information product that you are proud of. The kind of thing you would buy for the price you’re asking. That makes selling it a pleasure, because you’ll believe yourself when you tell your customer how it will enhance their life.


“The value decade is upon us. If you can’t sell a top-quality product at the world’s lowest price, you’re going to be out of the game.” — Jack Welch, Executive.

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Originally posted 2013-12-02 18:00:11.