Five Easy Tips to Improve Your Earnings on Fiverr, Zeerk and Other Alternatives

I’m sure you are aware of sites where you get paid to offer your services and products (gigs). If this is your first time reading this, then you should read my previous posts on Top 12 Alternatives to Fiverr and How to Make Money from them. You would be glad to know that different sites you can start using to get paid for offering your services and products (gigs). Today, I’m here to help fellow users of Fiverr, Zeerk and other alternatives to increase their earnings.

Here are some tips for increasing your sales:
1. Re-post Your Services (gigs)

Re-posting your gigs frequently will help improve its visibility by those who needs them. The gigs on the first few pages get more eyeballs than those that are buried inside. Re-posting your gig will bring it on the first few pages for sometime. You can do this every three days if you gig didn’t get the response you desire at first.

2. Improve on Your Service Delivery

Deliver what you promise promptly. Do not post anything that you cannot deliver and do not sleep over an order. If you do. someone else will make more money than you do.

Five Easy Tips to Improve Your Earnings on Fiverr, Zeerk and Other Alternatives

3. Communicate Effectively

Keep constant touch with the seller during the process of completing the gigs. Let the seller know the progress of the order and clarify any doubts. This would help in solving a lot of issues. You can even give your clients your instant messengers address so that they can keep in touch with you.


4. Ask for Feedbacks
A good feedback helps the seller to get more business. So please request the buyers to review your orders and leave feedbacks. This helps increase your reputation. Ask those who buy your services to help you leave a testimony. You can then ue the testimony as added advantage when selling similar service again.

5. Share Your Success Stories on Social Media Sites

It is good you let people know about your success with Fiverr and her alternatives. This would increase your reputation and give you an added advantage to sell more services on fiverr and her alternatives. If you are on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, feel free to share you testimony but don’t SPAM

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