E-commerce: The New Way of Shopping in Nigeria

During last years, the volume of business in e-commerce has grown considerably not only in our country (Nigeria), but in the world in general. Nowadays, we could say that this has become the best option for the majority of people for shopping in Nigeria. It is an easy way to get what you want and much more comfortable than going out to look for it.

e-commerceInternet shopping (or online shopping) is growing not only because of the variety on offer of products, but the opportunity of comparing prices and brands and the chance of reading reviews about the products and services based on experiences. Moreover, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a product and you prefer to acquire of resale, you can find some sites where you can buy second hands products or if you prefer, sell something that you are not going to use any more. An example of this is OLX Nigeria. You can make good use of this kind of website to practice shopping in Nigeria.

A practice which was born with e-commerce and is more common every day is “showrooming”. It consists in looking for a merchandise in a physical shop and don’t get any product. And then, to look for it in online shops. In this way, you can find different prices for the same item –in general, they will be cheaper. Although many retailers try to struggle to this activity every day, the fact is that it is very difficult to match the price to online shops.

What is more, smartphones and tablets make it much easier to buy the products we want because with just a finger touch, we have everything we like or we need. For example, many clothing or technological stores have developed an app in which you can buy without leaving home.