How to Get Facebook Account Hacking Alerts

If you are looking for a way to prevent your Facebook account from hacking, you will find below the simple steps you can follow and apply in order to get Facebook account hacking alerts sent to you. Facebook has a handy alert system that can warn you any time it suspects you are about to become a victim. Here’s how set this up.

Facebook Account Hacking Alerts

Here are the simple steps to follow so as to get your Facebook account hacking alerts from Facebook any time there is a threat.

1. Go to your Facebook account and click on “Settings” on the (your) top right-hand corner of your Facebook account. You will be taken to the account settings page.

2. On the Account Settings page, click on “Security”. The page with security setting will be opened up for you.

3. On the security page, click login notifications at the top.

Here, you can make a choice of how you want to get Facebook account hacking alerts. Enter your email OR phone number to get alerted when someone is trying to enter your account from another location or device that isn’t authorized.

4. Click on “Save Changes”

This is a good measure to prevent your Facebook account from being hacked. However, you need to be careful who you reveals your details to and where you have access to your Facebook account.

When you get such alerts from Facebook, you will receive safety measures in the alert which you should do immediately to prevent your account from being hacked.