Cheap Facebook Pay Per Click Marketing

With thousands of products and services available online there is need for your business to get a larger percentage of the share of people coming online every day. There is no better place or online media to use like Facebook and there is no better search engine to use like Google!

You can get more traffic, customers, signups, registration, buyers, subscribers, sales etc to your business website/blog with Facebook Marketing.

facebook-hashtagFacebook is growing every day with lots of people on it. Facebook is the No 1 social network in the world where you get to meet people who can be your friends, customers, subscribers’ et al. To help your business get more customers, I am here to provide you the services of marketing your business on Facebook. Further below, you will see how much this would cost you.


Packages Product/service/website Minimum No of Days Minimum Price Minimum Expected No. of Fans
Bronze Plan 1 7 N 3000 500
Silver Plan 1 Product/service/website 7 N 6000 1200
Gold Plan 1 Product/service/website 7 N 10,000 2000
Platinum Plan 1 Product/service/website 7 N 15,000 3500


In addition, Facebook Pay Per Click Marketing is charged based on views and clicks. The best bet for your business is clicks. This is because, it is those who click on the advert that goes to your website/blog. For views, people would just see your adverts. If you want more sales, go for clicks. If you want more brand recognition, go for views.

If you are really ready, you should any of the plan that suits your needs.

To get started, please do the following;

Decide the exact amount for your choice plan and simply send us a mail using the contact form on the contact us page. Send a short description of your website/product/service, your website/product/service URL, two or three logo of your website/product/service, the plan you would be paying for and any other details you want me to know.).

For best Facebook Advert practices, we expect you to send to us the details of your ads so we can put together your Facebook Ad. Below are the details you will need to send to us:

Destination URL: Specify the web page that users should be sent to when they click on your Facebook advert. Make sure your advert and the target page are related. You can choose to advertise your facebook page.

Ad Title: Write a title for your advert that is specific, compelling and interesting. Avoid all-capitals or multiple exclamation marks, as these titles will not be approved. Note that if you are advertising a Facebook Page, your title will automatically be the name of that Page. Maximum of 25 characters.

Body Text: You would need to send further explanation of the product or service that your advert is about. Emphasise benefits to the user, unique qualities of your product/service and any special offers. End with a clear call-to-action that users should take if they like your advert. Maximum of 135 characters.

Ad Image: You would also need to send an image for your advert. The image should be related to your product/service and, to make it even more compelling, related to your title/body text for the advert as well. Choose an image that is clearly visible when it’s small.

Target Audience Demographics: Please specify target country, age group, interest and other demographics that would help your adverts.

After your advert is placed on Facebook and it starts running, we would send you regular weekly screen-shots of your adverts statistics. This will enable you monitor. We wil your ads performance. The statistics will inform you about how many people have clicked on your ad and the number of times it has been shown on Facebook.


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