3 Factors Affecting Online Advertising Sales

There are many factors that affects online advertising sales. Some of these factors include the website’s demographics, the richness and reach of the advertisements, and the conversion the site can generate. Other factors, such as the type & design of advertisement used and the placement of the advertisement on the page affects the number of sales an advertiser makes.

1. Demographics.

AdvertisingThese are the characteristics of the site’s visitors/readers. This includes the person’s age, gender, income range, and other information that is important to the advertiser. Businesses try to target the advertisement message to particular groups. Online advertisers use surveys, product registrations, contests and giveaways, and similar methods to gain information about the website viewers. It is important that what you want to advertise MUST relates to what the site is all about. You won’t get conversion and sales if the demographics of the site viewers does not relate with your advert.

2. Type of Advertisement and its Placement

Banner ads, which are rectangular boxes at the top, sides, or bottom of a webpage, are one of the most common types of advertising. It can use animated images (gif), as well as be a static advertisement that is the same each time a page is viewed. Advertisement can also be rotated so that each time a different page is loaded or refreshed, another advert is seen. Usually these styles of advertisements are more successful than pop-up or pop-under styles because many web browser programs block these advertisements in their default settings. Also, the placement of ads in very obvious locations improves the chances of making more sales with the advert.

3. The Richness of the Advertisement

This is the degree to which an advertisement can be designed for a specific market. The reach is how many people view the advertisement and how many people carried out what the advert demands. These two factors are very important for a successful online advertising sales campaign. Web designers try to have the highest percentage of richness to reach as many as possible. It is required that your advert is rich in design and in the words used. You don’t want to put up a tactless advert. Except you want to watch your money go down the drain.

Sometimes factors affecting online advertising sales are viewer’s previous knowledge of what is being advertised. Also, the need for what you are going to advertise affects online advertising sales. If what is being advertised is of no use to the viewer, the probability to make a sale is slim.

Online advertising sales campaigns often use interactive advertisements. One reason for this is that people are becoming less sensitive to online advertising. Advertisements that were an interesting when they were first introduced are now sometimes perceived as annoying by people who use the internet extensively. Advertisers often animate their ads or use contest enrollments to entice people to click hyperlinks to their websites. Advertisers rate their success by the clicks per thousand page views (CPM) that an advertisement gets.

Are you an advertiser or you have one placed an advert somewhere, I’ll like to know your experience. You can tell us what factors affected your online advertising sales.