Fast Track to Fast Blog Traffic

If you’ve never done a JV partnership before, you might not fully comprehend the transformation power they offer. Not only can they turn a lackluster launch into an explosively high-selling event, but they can also permanently improve your status and viability within your niche. In this post, we will briefly cover how to get JV partners who can generate fast blog traffic for you.

fast-blog-trafficThe most important question you can ask is how to get a JV partner. Many new and intermediate-level marketers try this; and don’t succeed. And the reason is simple: instead of lobbying other intermediate-level marketers, they immediately aim for gurus and millionaires. And, not surprisingly, those same gurus and millionaires have many offers from other people already on the table.

So how can you find JV partners? You can start by thinking about who is an appropriate JV partner for you, given what you have to offer, and given your prior JV partnerships and your product or site’s potential. Who are these people? Are they intermediate-level marketers? Are they new marketers? Or are they lower tier gurus? Ask yourself this question; and then begin compiling a list of names and email addresses.

If you’re not sure where to find potential partners, you might start by looking at a forum you frequent and post on regularly. Try to find people there who have similar interests and also own sites in related niches. Think about what they need as business owners; and how you might fill that need with a JV venture that ultimately generates fast blog traffic for you. In addition to searching forums, you should look for prominent product sellers, prominent site owners, and prominent bloggers. Focus in particular on people who don’t have something that you do (i.e. a product that they own and can sell). Finally, get to work pitching. Begin working through your list of contacts one-by one. And give them an offer they cannot refuse (i.e. an 80% or 90% commission). Remember that getting a measly 10% cut could be worth it if it means you gain a massive amount of traffic in the long run.

Once you have secured a JV partnership, there’s still a lot of work left to be done. For many, working and completing projects with JV partners is actually the most difficult part. So how can you work a JV partnership successfully? I personally suggest you do the following:

1. Make a contract.

If you have a contract with your partner, everything will be clear. It will be clear what she is expected to do; and it will be clear what you are expected to do. And this leaves a lot less room for misunderstanding.

2. Be open and honest with your JV partner.

Keep your JV partner abreast of your progress and any problems you run into. Work through things together.

3. Hold up your end of the bargain.

At the end of the day, if you’ve done exactly what you promised (and, ideally, more), your JV partner should be satisfied and interested in working on future projects with you again.

Creating and working through JV partnerships does not need to be a difficult and trying process. It’s just a matter of doing things carefully and correctly. If you need JV partners, we are available to partner with you on your upcoming launch. Also, try and incorporate the use of JV partners in your internet marketing programs.


Originally posted 2011-03-22 13:21:07.