A-to-Z of Feedburner Subscription Settings for Your Blog

Feedburner is one tool provided by Google that would be of great help to your blogging career. Feedburner helps you provide a means whereby visitors to your blog can subscribe so as to keep informed about your future updates. If you are just starting out, my recommendation to you is to use feedburner for a while before going for paid email delivery services like Getreponse, Feedblitz or Aweber.

One other benefit of feedburner is that it gives you an access to make more money with Google AdSense for feeds. AdSense for feeds are the Google ads displayed to your feed readers either through email delivery or through an RSS.

To help may new bloggers to lay a hold on how to setup their own feedburner account from start to finish, I decided to write a comprehensive report on how to do this. The report will show in pictures and steps on how to really setup a useful feedburner subscription service. The good thing also is that people who have been using feedburner will also learn one or two things from it.

During my research for the report, I cam across a very useful information already written by John Saddington of TentBlogger. In the article, he wrote about everything you need to know and do so as to configure your feedburner settings for maximum result. The article will help you a great deal.

To read more about setting up your feedburner subscription from A-to-Z, please go and read Maximize Your Feedburner Settings with The Best Configuration

On that article, you will learn everything you need to know and do so as to maximize the use of your feedburner subscription.