Fix Jetpack Sharing Posts Privately to Google+ instead of Publicly

In one of the previous updates of the Jetpack WordPress plugin, Google+ sharing to WordPress was added. But there’s a problem with this, Jetpack shares post privately by default. You can fix Jetpack sharing posts privately so as to make it share publicly. If you keep sharing your posts to Google+ privately, the people you have in your Google+ circles won’t see the posts. It’s better to share them publicly and have more people view your posts on Google+.

I was facing this problem to for several months but a quick search on Google brought up a simple fix for this. Here is how to fix Jetpack sharing posts privately on Google+

1. Log into your Google+ account and go to the Google+ Apps page.

If you want to fix this for your Google+ profile, you need to go to the apps page for Google+ profile. If you want to fix this for your Google+ page, you need to go to the apps page for Google+ page by going here “”. Please, remember to change the bold and underlined numbers to your own Google+ page ID.

2. On the apps page, you’ll see something similar to the one shown below.

3. Follow through the on-screen options to switch your sharing settings from Private to Public, or one of the other options.

4. Save your changes and you’re done! All of your posts that Jetpack shares to Google+ will now be public.

Please note, these instructions only apply to posts made after you make this changes. All previous posts remains private. Please, let me know if you need more help with this.


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