Some Football Betting Terms you Should Know

Here, you will find some of the football betting terms you should know if you are considering Football betting as a means to make money online in Nigeria. These are the basic terms you would need as a beginner to start profiting. You will learn more terms later on.

football-betting-termsPlease note, betting means putting your money where your mouth is. It means putting a stake in what you believe in. You are a fan to a football club and most times you support your team with a belief that your team will win. If you are very sure about this, then you can go ahead a put a stake by betting on your team. It is not gambling as you may think. It is not stealing money to bet. If you don’t have money for it, DON’T do it.

Here are the terms…

Punter – a punter is a term used to describe someone who invests in football betting in order to make a profit.

Stake – Your stake is the amount of money that you are using per time to place a particular bet. For instance, lets’ say Arsenal vs Fulham. You decide that Arsenal will win and you put in N5000 for that bet. The N5000 is the amount you are staking which is also known as your stake.

Bankroll – the bankroll is the total amount of money that you have in your betting account per time. It is from this amount that you can now decide the percentage that you want to stake.

Bookmaker/Sportsbook – a sports book is a company or website where you can go and place bets for your favorite sports.

Home team – this is the team that is at home during a match. The name of the home team is usually the one that is mentioned. E.g Arsenal vs Tottenham means that Arsenal is the home team while Tottenham is the away team. It is usually denoted as (1)

Away team – This is the team that is away during a match. The name of the away team usually appears after mentioning the home team. It is usually denoted as (2)

Odds – This is the number that is used to multiply your stake (the amount you are using to place a bet) to determine what your profits will be. e.g if the odds of a match that Arsenal will win is 1.25 and your stake is N1000, that means if arsenal eventually wins, you would have made a gross profit of N1250.

Live match/In play – this refers to a match that is live and is available for you to bet on it while it is been played.

Do you do Football betting? If yes, I’ll appreciate if you can list other Football betting terms I didn’t list here. You can do that by adding it as a comment further below.


Disclaimer: At the time of writing this post, I don’t do Football betting as a means of making money online in Nigeria. I may consider it later.


Originally posted 2012-11-13 14:00:03.