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How to Get FREE Advertising Vouchers or Coupons from Promo Nigeria

Promo Nigeria is currently giving out FREE advertising vouchers or coupons for as many that wants to advertise through them. They are distributing 500 free advertising coupons of N15,000 advertising credit. I have been given 11 free advertising credit which I intend giving out to just 11 readers/visitors of Make Money Online Nigeria. I’m hoping you are part of the 11.

I would have sold the 11 vouchers at N1,500 each and i’ll make N16, 500 but I’m giving it out freely. The thing is, I don’t know the 11 people to give the free advertising vouchers or coupons to. So, I’ll need your help to get this done.


How to WIN the FREE Advertising Vouchers or Coupons

The FREE Advertising vouchers or coupons comes in N15,000, N10,000 and N5,000 units. To be part of the 11 people that will get the vouchers or coupons, please do the following;

1. Go to and become one of our fans
2. Go to and become one of our followers
3. Reshare or ReTweet or RePost to Google+ this post using the sharing icons found beside or below this post.
4. Go to Promo Nigeria and register an Advertiser account
5. Drop a comment on this post with your Facebook name, Twitter name, your username on Promo Nigeria, and your Reshare/ReTweet/Repost link. Your comment will be verified, and if you win, you will get the free advertising voucher or coupon via your email address.

Please take note of these

- Only active accounts created after September 12th 2013 is qualified to use the free advertising vouvhers or coupons.
- Only one coupon or advert voucher is allowed per account.
- Dummy accounts created with the intension of using multiple coupon codes would not be accepted.
- Your eWallet must have at least a cash balance of N2,500 to claim any voucher or coupon. This measure is that to ensure that only serious and not dummy advertisers benefit from the Free advertising vouchers or coupons.
- Coupons should be used for the fixed-monthly advertising plans only.
- Vouchers can only be loaded on the advertiser account type. You can’t load a voucher on a publisher or social media promoter account.
- All vouchers will expire after 7days of creation if not used.
- To claim the voucher, login to your account and click on the “eWallet Funding” link, enter the voucher code that I would send to you if you are one of the 11 people that completes the requirement above.
- The value of the advertising copon will be credited to your wallet.

Please, remember to do the requirements above and after you do, please drop a comment containing what is required of you. The winners of the free advertising vouchers or coupons will be notified by email.


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