FREE Guides on How to Setup Your Own Blog from Start to Finish

To setup your own blog is as easy as ABC. I setup up blogs easily without much stress. This may be because I have mastered the act of setting up blogs from start to finish over time. Even though I still experience some hitches when setting up blogs but I get over them without spending too much time over them. I have reached that level and there are more levels to enter. Due to this, I know that there are others out there who find it very hard to setup their own blogs. With that in mind, I am providing these FREE Guides on setting up a blog from start to finish.

Setup-a-Blog-From-ScratchSo if you are interested in these free guides to setup your own blog, you will take this post as important. Please note, the free guide is based on setting up a WordPress enabled blog. This is because WordPress is a brilliant blogging platform used by millions globally. It’s an open source software which allows anyone to do what they want to do on the codes. This simply means you have snippets of codes called plugins and themes which you can easily use to make your WordPress blog excellent.

The FREE guides you are about getting over some couple of days contains excellent explanations of the subject lines listed below;

1. Choosing a Niche and Keyword Research
2. Choosing your Domain Name
3. Registering your Domain Name
4. Setting up your Web Hosting Account
5. Updating your Domain Nameservers
6. Creating Domain Name Email Addresses
7. Installing WordPress Blog using Fantastico
8. Installing WordPress Blog using Softaculous
9. Installing WordPress Blog Manually
10. Installing WordPress Themes to your Blog
11. Installing WordPress Plugins to your Blog
12. Search Engine Optimization for your Blog
13. Creating Categories for your Blog
14. Creating Additional Pages for your Blog
15. Writing your first post for your Blog
16. Adding Pictures and Video to your Blog
17. Monetizing your WordPress Blog
18. Adding Adsense and Affiliate Banners
19. Adding Google Analytics to your Blog
20. Traffic Generation techniques for your Blog

At this point, I may decide to offer the guides to setup your own blog for sale but I won’t. Over some couple of days, I would be updating you with the excellent explanations of the subject lines listed above. I realize how soon you need the information but I can’t load you with everything in one sitting. This is because that would lead to information overload which you would end up not getting anything from. In order to really help you and give you time to read, digest and apply each subject line, I have scheduled them in a series of posts so that you can get them delivered into your email.

UPDATE: If you reading this any year after 2012, please search through this blog using the titles above to get the information. I have published them on this blog.


Originally posted 2011-07-21 10:00:44.