How to Make Free Phone Calls via Facebook

If you know mobile apps like Facetime, Viber, Line, WeChat and the Whatsapp that Facebook acquired, then you already know it’s possible to make free calls. What is required is that the other person you intend calling also have the mobile apps installed on their mobile phones. Also, you would need wifi or internet connection. With that, you can make free phone calls via Facebook as long as the person is already on Facebook.


What do you need to make free phone calls via Facebook

What you need is the Facebook Messenger. The app has been updated with the ability to make free voice calls over WiFi both domestically and internationally.

Facebook Messenger technically added VOIP (voice over IP) calling in January 2013, but the feature has been limited to the US, UK, and Canada until now. Facebook users with the Messenger iOS app installed can be called with a new phone icon at the top right of a conversation thread. The calling interface looks almost identical to Apple’s stock Phone app in iOS 7.1.

The latest version of the Facebook messenger app makes it easier for users to make phone calls to friends for free, provided they have at least a wifi connection.

Facebook Messenger is available to iOS , Android and Windows Phone users. Please note: you can only make the free calls via the Facebook messenger. So, if you don’t have, make sure you Download Facebook Messenger for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone


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