Get $50 Free Twitter Ad Credits for Each of Your Twitter Account

As you might probably know, you can now advertise on Twitter by means of promoted tweets (paid tweets that are shown by Twitter to demographics of your choice) and promoted accounts (where your Twitter account is promoted by Twitter to demographics of your choice). You can achieve this with the free twitter ad credits you should get today.

Twitter has graciously enabled SocialOomph to offer you a $50 value in free Twitter ad credits for every one of your Twitter accounts so that you can try out advertising on Twitter without risking anything. Which means you can have as many $50 free Twitter ad credits for all the Twitter accounts you have.


How to apply for the free Twitter Ad Credits

Please follow the procedure below to apply for the ad credits:

1. Sign in to your Twitter account.
2. Click the following link that will take you to the free ad credits offer: SocialOomph’s free credits offer.
3. Click the blue Apply Now button.
4. Twitter will review your application and let you know whether it has been approved or not (this may take a few hours or days).
5. Return to Twitter and sign out of your Twitter account.
6. Once you are approved, navigate to Twitter Ads, sign in to your Twitter account, add a credit card to your profile, and then create your promoted tweet or promoted account campaign using the free ad credits.

Repeat the entire procedure above for every Twitter account that you want to sign up to receive the ad credits. You might need to clear your browser cookies between each repetition of the procedure. If you have any questions, please do contact SocialOomph help desk.

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