Buy 100 A2W Verizon Tabs and Get a FULLY Paid 3 days Vacation in Dubai

First thing first. Please keep this in mind that you don’t have to necessarily use your own money to buy the 100 A2W verizon tabs so as to get a fully paid 3 days vacation in Dubai. You can use other people’s money to get the tabs, resell them with an additional profit. You win by making more profit from the sales and you also get to go to Dubai all expense paid. You need not worry, A2W verizon tabs is a hot product people buy.

In this month of September, there is an opportunity for 10 serious distributors to enjoy a trip to Dubai. All you need to do is champion the sales of 100 A2W Verizon Tabs. You can buy them for resale, or simply close a deal to sell 100 A2W Verizon Tabs or multiples of 100. You can sell to a cooperative, a company, a school, agencies, government parastatals and so much more. Don’t be limited by your own thinking.

If you are interested in participating in this deal, you can send me a message with the details requested further below. One of our contact people will reach you.

The cost of A2W Verizon tabs is as follows;

- 7 inch Tab 3 : Previously N56,000… While Promo is on N50,000
- 10 inch Tab 3: Previously N75,000… While Promo is on N70,000
(Special prices available for purchases of up to 50)

A2W verizon tab

Here are the specifications.

- The Verizon Tab 3 with 3G
- Folder and Stylus
- HDMI Cable
- Ear Piece
- USB Adaptor
- Direct to Laptop connector
- Duo Core, 1GHz, 2GB Ram, 16GB Hard Disk, Full Sim Slot, SD Ram Slot, Wi fi, 3G, MiFi 4.01 Android Ice-cream sandwitch, 0.3MP Camera in Front and 2MP camera at the back.
- Children Education Materials and Games

From September 9 to October 31st, a few distributors are racing to the challenge of selling 100 Verizon tabs, either in combos on individually. If you clock 100, you win a free ticket to Dubai for 5 exciting days with a small team and the A2W Nigeria MD. The vacation comes up in November, 2013. It’s going to be the trip of a lifetime, and it’s open to a few willing to make it happen!

We’ll get an account manager who will manage you directly and support you in any way you need support to achieve your goals of buying 100 A2W verizon tabs and get a fully paid 3 days vacation in Dubai.

How to get started with winning a fully paid 3 days vacation in Dubai

To get further information, please reply me with your;

- Full Name (Last Name and First Name)
- Phone Number (Preferably Mobile)
- Email Address (Ensure it’s properly spelt and functional)
- Location in Nigeria (City, State (In that order separated by comma))
- How many tabs do you see yourself Selling? (Set your realistic goals)
- Which Do You Prefer? (trip, Cash or trip plus a little cash)

Use the form below to send in the required details and you will be contacted. Please, don’t send in your details if you don’t think you stand a chance!


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