How to Generate Lasting Income from Mobile Money Payment Solution

We are in the times of the mobile money revolution. There is serious money to be made for those who take position now. You wouldn’t want to be left out of the next financial revolution that would come from the combination of the GSM technology and Internet Technology. Mobile money is taking shape in the Nigeria’s economy most especially because of the recent cashless society started by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Out of all the mobile money companies available, I bring to you VCASH. VCASH is an online mobile money payment solution regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria. VTN (Virtual Terminal Networks), makers of VCASH has been in the mobile/internet money business since 2003. This is years before the cashless society started and adopted by banks.

VCASH Mobile Payment Solution

With VCASH you can;

- send money to other people through phones or through the web
- pay for goods and services conveniently without spending hours going to the bank
- make or receive payments 24/7/365 any time of the day including bank holidays
- redeem digitized money for traditional cash through VCASH master agents
- deposit money into your virtual account
- buy GSM recharge cards

If you are reading this is year 2012, you should take this and the followup posts about VCASH very seriously. This is because you’ll need to get started on this and position yourself to make lasting income from mobile money payment solution. Many more people are still going to adopt the use of VCASH as their mobile payment solution platform. You will make lasting income either as a trainer or as a master agent. Read this post to the end for more.

VCASH operates nation-wide, working for people in all cities, towns and villages in Nigeria. In addition to this, VCASH account holders can send and receive international money transfers and make online purchases.

To start wit VCASH, you will need to open a VCASH Virtual account. This is an electronic online account and the physical cash resides in a physical commercial bank. There are three types of VCASH accounts:

- Personal Accounts: Individual accounts for sending and receiving money.
- Merchant accounts: Receives payment for goods and services and pay employees and suppliers.
- Master Agents: These are accounts created for agencies/persons who are the face of VCASH. They are responsible for account setup, questions, cash-in, cash-out and reload card sales.


How to Open a VCASH Account

Please note, it is free to open a VCASH account. You can do it online or offline. To do it offline, go to a VCASH agent close to your neighborhood, ask for the requirements, provide the requirements and they would register you. To do it online, go to to open a free personal account. Click on register, choose personal account and complete the form. Upload the required documents and your account will be opened instantly. It will be ready for your use – funding and making transactions.


How Do I Make Payment into my VCASH account?

- visit a VCASH agent and buy a VCASH reload card. The reload card is in different denominations in Naira
- Go online to and log into your VTN account or open up your VCASH phone app (you can download this from VTN’s site)
- Scratch the Reload card and load the code online or via the phone app
- The amount of money you bought the reload card will be loaded into your VCASH account.

With the above, you have successfully made payment into your VCASH account. You can also load your VCASH account through the VCASH agent. You can also easily move money between your VCASH virtual account and your regular bank account.


What is a VCASH Reload Card?

VCASH reload cards are similar to GSM recharge cards. They are a convenient option designed for VCASH users to credit their VCASH accounts in preparation for transactions, anytime anywhere.


Who are VCASH Merchants?

VCASH Merchants sells goods and services, and accepts VCASH as a means of payment. There are over five thousand merchants on VCASH’s platform presently (as at June 21, 2012) and many more are coming.

Very soon, you will be making purchase of my products and services with the use of VCASH. it would be so convenient for you to make payment immediately for whatever products and services you want to pay for. If you own a website/blog where you sell products and services, you should consider becoming a VCASH merchant. You will not only do online business with convenience, you will also make lasting income from VCASH mobile money payment solution.

In my next post in relation with this, I would show you what you need to do to start making lasting income from VCASH mobile money payment solution. You wouldn’t want to miss the post. It would do you a lot more good. If you don’t get my post updates in your email, you should subscribe so you can start getting the updates delivered to your email. You should also follow me on Twitter, become my fan on Facebook

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