How to Generate Traffic by Giving Away Products

When giving away free products, you should always be mindful of your final objective: to generate traffic for your site. And, when it comes down to it, the best way to do this is to create a great product that will circulate far; and will bring traffic back to your site. So, how can you do this? I personally suggest that you use some or all of the following strategies.


1. Create and giveaway an ebook that has links to your site.

As an example, you might create an ebook that gives an exhaustive overview of how to use PPC advertising. In this book, however, you can give multiple references to links on your site, where readers can find more information or an extensive tutorial. You can then allow readers and business owners to circulate your ebook for free, increasing its reach.


2. Allow a select group of people to sell your video content or audio content.

Of course, in the content, you will want to have multiple places where your site is referenced and where the URL is displayed. However, you can offer to give it away to membership site owners for free to increase the probability that they will take it and give it to their members.


3. Circulate a re-brandable ebook.

Re-brandable ebooks make it easy for business owners and individuals to make money from your product. For this reason, giving away re-brandable ebooks with good content and links pointing towards your site is a good way to generate traffic in the long run. In addition to this, there are dozens of ways in which you can generate traffic by giving away products for free. It just a matter of identifying opportunities, taking advantage of them, and keeping in mind the entire time that your goal is to generate traffic—not to make money instantaneously.


In conclusion, you should carry out the above strategies and give your blog a positive headstart into generating more traffic as the days goes by.

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