How I Generated 1 Million Nigerian GSM Phone Numbers Under 5 Minutes

Before we get into details, please note that I am not advising you to do what I did. I just found a secret and decided to share it with you all. Under no circumstances should I be held responsible for any of these phone numbers. This is for educational purpose only. I only tried it and it worked. If you need phone numbers that you can market to, this trick would work for you.


In my usual sojourn across the internet, I came across a website which allowed me to generate a thousand Nigerian GSM numbers. After I got the one thousand phone numbers. I copied the source code for the site and saved it on my laptop. I again tried one million Nigerian phone numbers but the website hanged my system. I had to restart my laptop.


After which, I then used the source code I earlier copied to build a simple html page. The page is here:


If you do not know jack about html, just go to and generate the phone numbers you want. For as many of you who knows html, go to the page and copy the source code. Save it with whatever name you want and use it to generate the phone numbers you want.


To this end, all the phone numbers you generate will not do you any good if you do not have a bulk SMS business. So to help you start your own bulk SMS business and make real money online, I am once again offering you the opportunity to get my friend’s bulk SMS reseller guide. You will find all you need to do to start your own Bulk SMS reseller business in the guide.


To read more about the guide and get your own copy ASAP, go here


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Please note:

Once you get the phone numbers, you can easily market your products and services to the phone numbers using bulk sms services. Now to make money with this,


1. You can start your own bulk sms business. For more, read here:


2. If you market your product to a million customers and only 10, 000 responds, you know how much that translates too. Let’s say your product cost N 2,000. N 2,000 x 10, 000 = 20 Million Naira just like that. And 10, 000 bulk sms will cost you less than 20, 000 Naira


3. You can also sell the phone numbers at 50kobo for 1…lol


To your online business success

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2 comments on “How I Generated 1 Million Nigerian GSM Phone Numbers Under 5 Minutes
  1. Well, this is too good to be true but is there a way you could modify the script to add location to it or to be able to choose the network,or even modify it a bit that it would show numbers starting with 0803 or 0705, something like that, I am testing and using this one already but a modification would be well appreciated, but for this one that you have done…well done!
    • maven says:
      @Iroko…. Thanks…

      I will work on that and as soon as i get it done, i would offer it for sale…lol :) Will give you a discount sha

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