Giveaway! You get Rewarded in CASH or GIFTS Every Month!

Now, you can participate in this giveaway and you get rewarded in CASH or GIFTS every month! The giveaway starts right now! If you are already participating in the first giveaway I started this year about some crazy offers on FREE books and tools, you are allowed to participate in this one too. There is no crime is chasing two giveaways right on the same blog.


To get rewarded in CASH or GIFTS every month is simply!


Just use the contest tab below powered by Punchtab and earn points. By the end of February 2013. The person with the highest number of points will be rewarded with either N 5,000 or gifts worth N 5,000. Is the reward small? Yes it is, but there is nothing bad in having an extra N5,000 to spend at the end of the month. Also, this is just the beginning of the giveaways, I’m willing to improve the rewards every month. (Don’t tell anyone, I’m looking for sponsors so that you can earn more rewards. It’s for your eyes only.)


This is what you’ll do…

1 Follow me on Twitter
2 Tweet a message to your Twitter followers
3 Comment and tell me what you want, either CASH or GIFT
4 Become a fan on Facebook
6 Like this blog
7 Google +1 this blog
8 Download a free guide


Do the 8 steps above. The more people who joins this giveaway through you, the more points you earn. So, share and make sure you recommend this giveaway to them also.


Get started…


Me sef dey participate in the giveaway oooo. Don’t be surprised when you see me on the leaderboard. :)


All the best


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