The Story of the Gold Rush: Learn this Important Little Known Secret

This is a guest post by Mk Akan

First, it is not a secret but because many people don’t know it and even some that do, don’t follow it. Because of that, it seems like a secret. What you are about to discover works offline too. In fact it is how companies and businesses offline make money.

So here is my advice… Do yourself a favour learn it and act on it.

Some time ago I wrote what I considered to be the most important article about making money online I have ever written on my blog.

I will continue that lesson here. Let me start by telling you a story.

The Story Of The Gold Rush

Have you read about the gold rush era? The era when people rushed to California to mine gold in the 1850s? Am sure you have. During that era, lots of people found gold and made lots of cash but there is something you may have not known.


The People Who Made The Most Money During The Gold Rush Era Were Not Gold Diggers …It Was People Selling Gold Mining Tools And Equipment To Gold Diggers That Made The Most Money.

Read that a couple of times…

So the people selling the pans, shovels etc made the most monies. Hmmm.


…Because those helped the gold miners (who wanted to find and mine gold )…achieve their goals … by providing products and services to them …these products helped them mine gold.

Did you get that?

That’s the same principle you will use to make money online in Nigeria.

Now never forget this…

You Make Money Online …When You Help People (Via Blogs, Websites, Information, Courses, Consultation, Products And Services) Achieve Their Own Goals.

Let me explain with some examples.

Sometimes my subscribers point me to their blogs or websites and ask me to critique it for them. One of the biggest mistakes I see when I do is that they create blogs for themselves. They write the content for themselves. They just create the blog around their interest and stuff that only interest them. They don’t bother about …what people want …or if people even want what they are writing about.

Like I have said before and like what happened in the gold rush era, you will make lots of money when you help people achieve their own goals or desires. So the information on your blog, website or anything you create…must be about the people and what they want. It should be about what they want to read or solutions to the problems they have. This works for all niches and markets, whether offline or online. Whatever you create MUST follow this principle, and yes, it does not matter your online business model. You have to apply this little known secret.

Let me ask you this. Have you ever visited a blog or website for no reason? No one does that. Before you can successful build traffic that converts you need to have something people want….not something you like or want. I really hope you are getting this.

Lesson here is …

- Focus on what people want.
- Focus of solving problems for people.
- Focus on creating content that people want.

This is the important unknown Secret that can get you wealth, freedom and anything you want. I know this article has not reveal a super-secret traffic secret or some loophole for making money. It is not something shiny or appealing but it the MOST IMPORTANT BASIC KNOWLEDGE YOU NEED BEFORE YOU GET STARTED Online. If you dismiss this …you will not go far.

Thank you.
Mk Akan