How to Write Good Proposal Letters for Bulk SMS Marketing

In the bulk SMS business, the ability to properly communicate to your prospective client is extremely important. You need to know how to write good proposal letters for your bulk SMS marketing. This would help you beat other competitors in the bulk SMS business. Today, you will learn how to write good proposals letters for bulk SMS marketing yourself.

bulk-sms-marketingYour proposal letter should explain all the aspects of why you are writing to your client and why you should be considered for business. You should be able to explain your concepts clearly and quickly. It should have a favorable first impression. Also, present your proposal in such a way that the tone of your letter makes it feel right that you deserve to be granted the business.

Give references when describing the opportunities your client will gain from the bulk SMS marketing. Briefly discuss how much money you think you will need to get started and how it will be used.

Please note: you would need to get your own bulk SMS website in order to do well in bulk SMS business. This would help you manage your clients well. If you use other people’s bulk SMS website, you won’t have full control on your business

Here are some tips to help you write good proposal letters for bulk SMS marketing

1. Properly address the client who will receive the letter. Use their formal name i.e. Company name, name of the institution, name of the person, name of the Church etc

2. Write a short opening paragraph that provides the client with the benefits that they will receive from your proposal. For example, tell them how accepting your bulk SMS proposal will save them money, get more clients, reach more people cheaply etc

3. Explain the purpose of the proposal in the next paragraph, giving a general description of the goals that you aim to achieve with your proposal.

4. Describe in detail how your proposal will provide a solution for a problem that your client has.

5. Discuss about your company or the services you render in the next paragraph. Describe a brief background of who are you and what you do.

6. Provide a basic overview and breakdown of the costs in the next section so that your prospective client can see an overview of the finances required for the bulk SMS marketing.

7. Close the proposal letter by summarizing the main benefits that the prospective client will receive.

8. Add the deadline date for the proposal (if one exists).

9. Add your signature above your printed name, as well as the title of your position in the company, and any educational or professional titles that you have.

Finally, remember to print out the proposal letters on a letter-headed paper. Don’t try submitting a hand written proposal letter for bulk SMS marketing. That would be totally wrong. If you don’t have a letter-head, you can design a simple one using Microsot Word or ask a friend to help you out.

With the above tips, you should be able to write good proposal letters for bulk SMS marketing yourself. However, if you can’t do this yourself, you can get some already written good bulk SMS proposal letters at a very cheap price. All you need do is to get them, edit on Microsoft Word with your details, print them out and take them to your prospective clients

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All the best in your bulk SMS business

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