How to add Google+ Comment System to WordPress Blogs

Google recently brought Google+ comment to Blogger blogs so as to help blogger blogs owners read and respond to comments more easily. This is also to help blog owners to connect with their readers. Based on the posts I’ve read about it, I see it as a good addition to making blogger blogs more admirable.

If you own a blog on blogger, you should enable the Google+ comment system on your blog right away. To do this, log into your Blogger dashboard. Select the blog you want to add the Google+ comment to in case you have more than one blog in your dashboard.

Go to the Google+ tab and then check “Use Google+ Comments.” With this, you have simple enabled the Google+ comment on your blogger blogs. Please note, older comments will continue to appear in the new comment system.


Google+ Comment System for WordPress Blogs

To add Google+ Comment System to WordPress Blogs, you will need to install a WordPress plugin called Google+ Comments to your list of WordPress plugins.

This Google+ comment system replaces your WordPress comment system with your G+ powered comments hosted by Google. But, you can keep both systems active at the same time. At this time comments do NOT sync between Google+ commenting system and the wordpress built in one. This Plugin is not made nor endorsed by Google Inc.

NOTE: It is recommended that you backup your database before installing the plugin. This is because it is still in a heavy development state.

Just search for Google+ Comment from your blog administration and then activate the plugin.

If you are using the Google+ comment system on your blogger blog already, you could share your experience with it. Also, if you blog on WordPress, you can add the Google+ comment system to your blog and share your experience with it.


Originally posted 2013-04-23 08:00:23.