3 Major Ways Google Hummingbird Influences Nigerian Bloggers

Google has updated its search engine algorithm in an effort to further enhance the search experience for users. Google’s Hummingbird update is changing the search results not only for the users, but also for bloggers. Google Hummingbird is a search algorithm used by Google to make Google search more human. Google started using Hummingbird about 30 August 2013. Google Hummingbird is a whole new search engine that deals more with conversations. This innovative search engine configuration utilizes semantics, rather than just matching keywords in the search request.

How does Google Hummingbird Influences Nigerian Bloggers?

Content Quality

hummingbird-googleWith Google’s Hummingbird, quality content is more important than ever. Because the new configuration will focus on the meaning of a search query, content will weigh heavier than before. With the new algorithm in place, bloggers should be aware that their content will be evaluated in its entirety. Your blog’s content will be valued on howw useful and relevant it is to your blog’s niche. With Google hummingbird, it is better to stay focused on your blog’s niche and carve out your authority.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While high-quality content is key to optimization in relation to the Google Hummingbird, there are more factors to consider. In-depth, specific content is necessary for the Google’s new search engine to highly rank your content. Create rich content that is niche-specific and communicates your authority on the subject. Taking on a more strategic approach in delivering content that matters to your customers is extremely vital with Hummingbird.

Mobile Reach

Google Hummingbird has the tendency of improving mobile search results more than full sites. This speaks means you need to pay more attention to your mobile user experience. You will need to optimize your blog for mobile discovery. This would help your ranking with the Google Humming bird. No doubt, people visit your blog more via mobile device, you need to learn how to improve your rankings on mobile search.

How has Google Hummingbird update affected your blog traffic? Kindly, share what you’ve discovered below!