Introducing GTBank Dollar Card

The GTBank Dollar Card is a unique payment card that allows you to make purchases with confidence anywhere in the world. The card is ideal for frequent travelers, online shoppers and individuals with large foreign currency requirements. GTBank Dollar card if for those who have a domiciliary account with Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB). The GTBank Dollar Card to conveniently help you access your funds anytime and anywhere.


How does GTBank Dollar Card work?

GTBankUsing any of GTB banking channels, you can conveniently transfer funds from your Dollar Domiciliary Account to your Dollar Card, allowing you the ability to transact on the go, without having to visit the banking hall to withdraw cash.

Exclusive Benefits:
• Safety: eliminates the risk and immigration hassles of carrying foreign exchange during travel
• Unlimited transaction limits: make large ticket purchases as often as you like
• Currency flexibility: can be used to settle payments in all major currencies
• Worldwide acceptance: can be used at millions of locations in over 200 countries
• Multiple payment channels: can be used for POS, ATM, online and telephone transactions

Please note that the GTBank Dollar card is available in Visa and MasterCard variants. To request for a card, simply go to a nearby GTBank branch to get an application form and submit to any GTBank branch.

For further enquires please e-mail [email protected]; or call GTConnect (24 hrs Contact Centre) on +234 700 GTCONNECT, +234 700 482666328 or +234-1-448 0000, +234 80 3900 3900, +234 80 2900 2900.

To speak with a Cardholder Services agent, follow the voice prompt and select the option for Card Enquiries.


Originally posted 2013-03-20 17:17:59.

  • https://[email protected] muhammad idris

    A naira master card is not accepted in the world wide as you stated, rather it is restricted only in Nigeria, because am a citizen of Nigeria studying in sudan, trying to use the naira master card but not responding, always telling me that these card is out of service. WHY??? From muhammad idris

    • Adesoji

      You can’t use Naira mastercard anywhere simply because it is attached to a Naira account. You can only use it in places designate by GTBank. You can call the GTBank customer service to find out more

  • Steven Daberechi

    Bro. you too much oooo keep it up thanks alot

  • Akuneme Christopher

    Nice post. But I thought the naira master card is also widely accepted and can be used to shop online.

    • Adesoji

      Hi Chris, the Naira mastercard is not widely accepted and can’t be used to shop anywhere online. The dollar card gives more