GTBank International Money Transfer (GTMT)

With GTBank International Money Transfer (GTMT), you can now send and receive funds to and from any of GTBanks’s subsidiaries in West Africa and you don’t even have to be a GTBank customer to access this great service. West Africa just got a lot smaller with GTBank International Money Transfer (GTMT) as customers and non-customers of the Bank can now walk into any of GTBank’s branches and make transfers to and from any of GTBank’s subsidiaries in West Africa.

GTBankAs part of GTBank’s efforts to provide value-adding services, they wish to inform you that you can now send and receive funds to and from any GTBank subsidiary in West Africa with the GTBank International Money Transfer (GTMT).

Product Characteristics

- It is an effective way of paying for goods and services
- Money Transfer is denominated in US Dollars
- A maximum of $10,000.00 per transfer
- Beneficiaries can be paid in US Dollars or local currency – Cedis, Dalasi, Leone and Naira (Beneficiaries can only be paid in local currency in Ghana).


- It is an easy, convenient and secure means of transferring funds.
- Ideal for GTBank account and non-account holders
- Faster turn around time for everyone
- Instant access to cash across West Africa
- No documentation is required
- Eliminates the risk of travelling with cash
- Transfer of funds ahead of your holiday / business trip and to family members and friends for upkeep.
- Easy tracking of funds
- Transfer of funds to family, friends and business associates.
- A quick and convenient way of paying for goods and services

For further enquiries, please visit or call GTBank’s fully interactive 24 hrs self service Contact Centre, GTCONNECT, on 0700-GTCONNECT (0700-482666328), 01-4484000, 0802-9002900 or 0802-9003900


Originally posted 2011-11-11 08:00:50.

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      That is for GTBank account holders only. The GTMT is for everyone, not just account holders