What is Guaranty Trust Bank Token?

Guaranty Trust Bank provides a device call ‘Token’. This device was made available so that their customers can safely transfer funds internally or externally online. Apart from this function, the ‘Token’ can be used for so many other great things as regards online business. I have mine and I use it a lot. In this post, you will get to know what the token is, the benefits and how you can get yours.


What is GTBank TOKEN?

GTB Token
It is a security device used to generate transactions codes for third party transfers via Guaranty Trust Bank’s internet banking platform and other e-channels. The transaction codes will be used to authorize any transfer to a third party from your account. The codes are also used to authorize online payment for good and services from your account via internet banking. This replaces GTBank’s current process of sending transaction codes via SMS and e-mails and the associated problems of delays in receiving codes. The Token looks very much like the image below.


Who is the Guaranty Trust Bank Token for?

The token is for all customers requiring access to any third party transfer features on GTBank’s e-Channels (this includes Transfer to any GTBank Account, Transfers to other Bank Accounts, Cash-In-Transit, Draft-In Transit and Standing Instruction requests) will be required to purchase a TOKEN. All customers will be required to possess this device if they wish to use any Third Party Transfer feature on GTBank’s e-Channels.


What’s the Benefit of the GTBank Token?

- It ensures security and safety while performing 3rd party transactions
- It is a faster means of generating secret code
- It is efficient and easy to use
- The cost is a one off payment
- It has an average life span of 7 (seven) years
- The token always generates a random code for every transaction thereby making it impossible for another person to carry out online transactions from your account.
– There is no need to visit a branch. With a token you can carry out online transactions anywhere in the world.
- You can send money to family and friends and make payments from a computer and web-enabled mobile phone
- The token is the latest in banking security technology which uses a 128 bit data encryption to protect your account details

Features of the Guaranty Trust Bank Token

- Transfer to any GTBank account and other banks in Nigeria
- Pay for your HITV subscription.
- Pay for your phone bills (MTN postpaid) and internet services (Starcomms)
- Pay for your US Visa fee
- Book flight tickets on the following Airlines (British Airways/Iberia, Alitalia Airlines, Lufthansa German Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Aviareps-Afriqiyah Airways)
- Sell Foreign currencies from your domiciliary account(s) to the bank.
- Transfer foreign currencies (Dollars, pounds, Euro) from your domiciliary account to anyone in the world
- Place a standing order on your account

How do I obtain a Guaranty Trust Bank TOKEN?
You can apply for a TOKEN by downloading an application form on GTBank’s website or from any of GTBank’s branches nationwide. After completing the forms, make sure you return the completed forms to any GTBank branch and TOKENS will be immediately issued and profiled to your accounts. You will be required to pay N 3, 000 (Three Thousand Naira) for the device or it will be deducted from your account automatically once a TOKEN has been profiled to your account.




Is the TOKEN optional?
If you are profiled for a 3rd party Transfer on our internet banking platform, you will need the Token to authorize your transaction.

What if it is faulty?

Faulty devices should be returned to the branch and will be replaced free of charge.

What if it is stolen?
Lost or stolen tokens will however be replaced at the cost of a new device.

Can someone else collect it for me?

With written and signed request from the account holder, a registered ID card holder can collect a TOKEN on behalf of a customers.

If I reside outside Nigeria, how would I get the token?

Duly completed token request form should be mailed to [email protected]. The Token would be delivered via courier to the customer for a cost. Thus the customer’s account would be debited for both the token and the delivery.

So go ahead and get your own GTBank token and save yourself the hassles of doing business online. The truth is, you can use this same device to carry out most of the internet transactions you need to do online. I use it to make purchases online.