How to Increase Ad Impressions on Your Blog Using Ping Services

To increase the Ad impressions on your blog, you will need to generate a lot of traffic to your blog daily. One of the best traffic generating method is using ping services. Ping services allow you to automatically notify blog directories and search engines that your blog has been updated. The bigger the list of your ping services the higher the chances of receiving traffic from those sources.

wordpress-ping-servicesSo let me ask? Do you know of any ping service? How many do you know of? If you can’t answer the questions well enough, you should check out the list of ping services below and then include it on your blog. For WordPress users like me, you can add the list of ping services to your blog by modifying your ping list to include the list below.

To do this, go to your wp-admin e.g. mywordpress should be replaced with your domain name, log into the dashboard. Then look for ‘settings’, thereafter click on ‘writing’. You will see a box where you can add more ping services. Once you are there, copy and paste the ping list below into your WordPress ping list.

Copy the above URLs and paste them where you need to paste them.

Click on ‘save’ or ‘update options’. From hence forth, anytime you publish a new update, the list of ping services will be notified of the new update on your blog. Once they get notified, the send a notice to all other sites attach with them. Now, your next post will get a lots of pings and thereby generate traffic to your blog.

  • ers

    HI, im not a master in using internet, i want to increase my ads views over internet is there any idea..?

  • Robin

    Hi, Thanks a bunch, I did not know all these ping services. Just followed your advice. :-)

    • Adesoji Adegbulu

      Thanks Robin.. They are so much useful