How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog from Facebook Group

Facebook is no doubt the highest ranked social networking site. You can’t take that away from them but you can make that work for you. With Facebook Profiles, Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages, you can drive traffic to your blog consistently.

facebook2You might have read about how to do this with Facebook Profiles and Facebook Page but I’m here to show you how to use Facebook Group to drive traffic to your blog/website.

To get this done, you need to follow the three steps below. Please note: The information further below is for those who own their own website/blog and also have an account with Facebook. If you don’t have any, you should get your domain name and registration from Web4Africa. Make sure it is well designed and developed. If you have yours, good, let’s go ahead


1. Create a Facebook Group

This is easy to do. To get started, go to and click on “Create a Group”.


Follow the steps to create your own Facebook Group. To get the best out of this group, you should use the name of your website/blog for the Facebook Group.

After completing this, start inviting your Facebook friends on your Facebook Profile.


2. Register your Blog on Networkedblogs

Go to and then click on “Register a Blog”.

Input all the necessary details as required. Make your blog as unique as possible.


3. Syndicate Networkedblog with your Facebook Group

Go to you will see your Facebook Group and a box beside it. Check the box and click on the “Save” button.

The benefit of what you have just learned is that as soon as you update your blog, the blog post is delivered to your Facebook Group. All you have to do next is keep inviting your friends to the Facebook Group.

If you have any difficulty in achieving what we have stated above, you are free to get in touch with us by writing your needs in the comment space provided below.