Make Money Easily: How to Increase Your Money Worth -2

After reading and applying the first five steps outlined in the first part of this series on how to make money easily, you need to complete the steps by following the remaining ones stated below. If you have done that, you will remember that I asked you to open a Google Analytic account. The importance of that is stated in the Step 9. Read On…

Step 6: Comment on their Facebook statuses and posts to keep the relationship open. Don’t write junks because they will block you. Writing helpful comments will enhance your credibility, especially if you’ve been keeping up with Google Alerts and their blogs. Don’t try to sell to them but work at building a good relationship with them. They may not buy what you have to offer but many of their readers will buy from you.

ways-to-make-money-onlineStep 7: Write your own blog posts and post regularly — at least a three times a week. Generate blog post ideas from the daily Google Alerts you receive. Write your blog post right then, while it’s still fresh in your mind. You can also aim to comment on at least 5 blogs each day and then write 1 blog post each day– in response to something thought provoking you read. If you still don’t know what to write, you are permitted to repost on your blog any of the post you like on The only thing is that you must copy rightly by linking back to where you copied the post from. Posting regularly helps you to increase your readers list – they are necessarily people in your network.

Step 8: Tie your Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter together. By doing this, once you update your blog, your twitter status changes to your post title. This also changes your Facebook and your LinkedIn status. The more friends you have, the more people will see your status. As people comment on your posts and statuses, be sure to reply back, so you can keep the momentum going. This is networking made easy. If you do not know how to tie your blog with social networking sites, give me a buzz as a comment below this post and I will teach you how to get it done for free.

Step 9: Make Use of Google Analytics.
Open your Google Analytics account and take a look at which of your posts are getting the most views then write more about them. It’s all about making the good stuff better. Also, look at which sites are sending you the most traffic. If it is blogs, ask the blog owners if they offer people the opportunity to guest post on their blogs. If they do, submit guest blog posts at least once in two weeks. If it is social networking sites, submit more of your posts to that social networking site

You want to eventually trim down the number of topics you talk about to just one or two. This will help you rank well on such topics in Google search engine. It will also help you to be known as an expert on that topic. It will assist you in later steps detailed below. It does not matter what the topic is. What matters is that are you an expert in that topic. If you are, you will draw people to you successfully. Google analytics will help you trim down your blog topics.

Step 10: Network at conferences
This is where it happens. Conferences are not for listening to sessions — they are for networking. Bring your business cards — many of them. For each person you meet, remember one particular thing about your conversation — even write it down on their card so you remember. And that night, before you go to bed (this is critical), send them an email referencing the one particular item from your conversation. Don’t wait to the next day, no matter how tired you are. Hit them on LinkedIn and Facebook, too. People will remember you for following up.

Step 11: Speak at conferences
Work on your expertise every day. Start speaking at conference for free to the extent that your name would be such that more people will reach out to you to speak at their conferences. You are sure to get a huge network of people from this and also get paid for speaking at such conferences.

If you are not ready or you are afraid of being a public speaker, sign up for a local Toastmasters club to overcome your fear and actually enjoy public speaking. Network with the other speakers. Contact the conference organizer early and offer to help out — this will help you land future speaking engagements. If you have the cash, sponsor something.

Step12: Buy a smart phone to ensure you’re always reached.
Yes, this is why I see a smart phone as essential. All other importance is secondary. Buy a smart phone that gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with your blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other places on the internet including your instant messengers.