How to Spot Viable Business Opportunities in Nigeria

With a large and boisterous population estimated at between 150-170 million, a large reserve of natural resources (oil, gas, solid minerals, etc) and an expansive untapped potential in agriculture, Nigeria is clearly a huge market, offering immense opportunities for business. There are infrastructural problems alright, but the spirit of entrepreneurship does not surrender to challenges. It is also true that many of the problems present opportunities for profitable business.

Business-IdeaIf you are wondering where these business opportunities are hidden, when there is so much lamentation about unemployment, maybe this guide will help direct your searchlight. One truth: not every unemployed person has thought seriously of starting a business. If you seriously need to find good business opportunities, here’s a guide. Please note, this guide contains more that 1,500 words. I won’t ask you to read everything now. I advise that you print out this guide and them read through it.


What You Need to Spot Viable Business Opportunities in Nigeria:

Originally posted 2013-07-13 20:00:11.