How to Make Money with Disqus Comment System

The Disqus promoted discovery is a new way for websites to use Disqus Comment System to increase traffic to their blogs and also make money from the engagement of their communities. This is a new dimension to Disqus (as at October 2012), and one that they’re very excited to be talking about. I just started using the promoted discovery.

If you use Disqus Comment System on your blog, you will see a form of the ‘discovery box’ if you activate it in your disqus account.


What is Discovery in Disqus?

Discovery helps people find new and interesting discussions and stories from within Disqus. Discovery also helps publishers drive increases in internal recirculation and external referral traffic, resulting in increased advertising revenues.



Activate Disqus Discovery

To do this, simply log into your disqus account, click on ‘Admin’ and then click on ‘Settings’. Enable ‘Disqus 2012′ features on your site, save changes and then click on ‘discovery’. Follow the simple instructions, make your choices and make sure you save changes when you are satisfied with your choice.



How Do I Earn Money with Disqus Discovery?

The Discovery box generates additional revenue for publishers in two distinct ways: Organic Discovery and Promoted Discovery.


- The organic discovery makes content recommendations either specific to the site your users are on or from across sites that use Disqus. As a result, Disqus helps organically recirculate traffic within your site and drives new external traffic to you (since links to your content can appear on Disqus-powered sites across the web). The organic discovery leads to increased page views, the ability for you to reach a new audience and, by extension, more opportunities to generate advertising revenues.

- The promoted discovery points users to content that marketers are looking to promote to your audience. As a publisher, you earn a revenue share from Disqus for each click on a promoted content link. Disqus advertiser partners pay them to distribute this content in relevant places. Disqus has strict content guidelines to make sure they only select high quality stories that are interesting and well written.

Please note: At the moment of writing this, the ONLY payment method is through PayPal. If you have a Paypal account, you will need to add your paypal email in the settings page. Your payments will be sent to your Paypal account

For more information not covered in this post (because of the length), please go and read through Introducing Promoted Discovery and F.A.Q.

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Originally posted 2014-02-18 11:00:28.