Increase Income from Your Blog with Superlinks

Superlinks is a display advertising publisher network that gives websites, blogs, forums and content networks the ability to earn money from their website traffic. It is possible to earn the highest possible CPM rates as a publishers with SuperLinks for their advertising inventory through auction based ad exchanges.

Superlinks-adsSuperLinks is a division of Admanage S.A. that was created to discover creative new advertising formats to deliver targeted advertisements. Admanage is an online advertising network that was founded in 2006. Today the Admanage platform serves over 5 billion search queries every single month. Over the past 7 years they’ve pioneered innovative advertising technologies which helped drive search and contextual keyword traffic to thousands of advertisers.

Superlinks is formed with the goal of creating the smartest most profitable display advertising units available to display ad publishers. Superlinks is just getting started and about to release some amazing new products that create a whole host of new monetization strategies such as a new contextual text link product. Superlinks focus is to strive to continually create unique, engaging and high CPM revenue earning ad units for our display ad publishers.

Superlinks Publisher Benefits:

- Display and mobile ads (video ads coming soon)
- Brand safe ads from top advertisers
- Five different types of ad units
- Highest CPM rates in the industry
- Fast payouts
- Live support and account management

You can try out standard display advertisements, sliders or full page interstitial ads and you will see your revenue grow. Superlinks only works with premium web and mobile publishers. As long as you have a quality web site that meets Superlinks site approval process, you will be approved.

How to Get started with Superlinks

1. Sign Up for a Superlinks account.
2. After you account is approved, you will get further instruction on how to create ad units.
3. Copy and paste the code snippets to the locations you want them to show on your blog.
4. Visitors will see the brand safe ads on your blog. When ads are viewed or clicked, you earn money.

You can monitor your Superlinks ads performance within your Superlinks account. If you think this is what you should try out, I recommend that you do so and sign up for a free account now. Place the ads on your blog for a month to test how well it works for you. If it doesn’t then it’s better you work on increasing the traffic to your blog.


Try out Superlinks now. It is FREE


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