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Here are the various contest you will find on this blog.

Vote for Make Money Online Nigeria as the Best Topical Blog


ContestA heartfelt thanks to all those who nominated this blog (Make Money Online Nigeria) as part of the Best Topical Blog in the 2013 Nigerian Blog Awards. I’m happy to announce to you that your nomination made sense and your blog (this blog) is part of those listed to win the best topical blog in the 2013 Nigerian Blogs Award. ... Read More »

Nigerian Blog Awards 2013: Nominate Make Money Online Nigeria Now!


Few days back, I made an update about the 2013 Nigerian Blog awards. I’m glad to announce to you that nomination for the 2013 award is now live. The nomination period starts today September 23, 2013 and ends on October 13, 2013. Everyone is welcome to submit suitable nominees in one or all of the 2013 categories. You can start ... Read More »

How to Get FREE Advertising Vouchers or Coupons from Promo Nigeria

FREE Advertising Vouchers

Promo Nigeria is currently giving out FREE advertising vouchers or coupons for as many that wants to advertise through them. They are distributing 500 free advertising coupons of N15,000 advertising credit. I have been given 11 free advertising credit which I intend giving out to just 11 readers/visitors of Make Money Online Nigeria. I’m hoping you are part of the ... Read More »

Buy 100 A2W Verizon Tabs and Get a FULLY Paid 3 days Vacation in Dubai


First thing first. Please keep this in mind that you don’t have to necessarily use your own money to buy the 100 A2W verizon tabs so as to get a fully paid 3 days vacation in Dubai. You can use other people’s money to get the tabs, resell them with an additional profit. You win by making more profit from ... Read More »

The 2013 Nigerian Blog Awards: Nomination Starts on September 23rd


The 2013 Nigerian Blog Awards will be officially launched on September 9, 2013. Nomination of blogs starts on September 23rd, 2013 and ends on October 13, 2013. The nominees of the 2013 Nigerian Blog Awards will be announced on November 4, 2013. If you don’t know what the Nigerian Blog Award is, it is the official awards for Nigerian bloggers. ... Read More »

Make Money Online Nigeria is 3! Win $100!

Make Money Online Nigeria is 3

Yes, I am 3! It’s been 3 long years. 3 long years filled with so many things to talk about. It’s been 3 years of fulfilling the aim of preoviding effective tips, resources, tools, teachings, coaching, assistance for people and businesses who desire to make real money online, build online businesses and also create wealth legitimately. Read More »

Win 1.2 Million Naira in the Financial Literacy Challenge by VISA and CcHub

The Financial Literacy Challenge will bring key finance actors (CBN, banks, credit bureaus, personal finance experts, NGOs, micro-finance institutions etc) together with software developers and designers to create interesting apps and games that help inform Nigerians on how to manage their money and educate on the tools available to meet their money needs. Read More »

$100 Cash Contest ~ Winners Emerged!


Last month, I did the $100+ (N15,000) Make Money Online Nigeria Guest Blogging Contest. You will be surprised to know that despite the fact that over 300 people registered to submit guest posts, none of them actually did submit a guest post for the contest. So, the contest ended without any winner! I’m hoping that there would be winners in ... Read More »

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