How to Easily Install WordPress On Your Personal Computer

Using WordPress as your blogging platform is great. Not only can you do whatever you like, you can also test how themes, plugins, codes etc will function before adding it to your live blog. This is why it is essential to have WordPress installed on your personal computer. With this, you can work on WordPress offline and then duplicate what you have done whenever you come online. In this post, you would get to know how easy it is to install WordPress on your personal computer using XAMPP


So how do you get this done?


1- Get XAMPP lite for Windows, and install it at the root of your C drive.


2- Browse to C:xampplite and double click on setup_xampp.bat .



3- Once that is done, double click xampp-control.exe and start the Apache and MySql services.



4- Open your browser and go to this address: https://localhost/. From the menu on the left column, choose your preferred language.


5- Now that the interface displays a language that you can understand, click on phpMyAdmin (on the left column once again).


6- Enter “wordpress” (without quotes)  in the “Create New Database” Field, and select “utf8_unicode_ci” in the drop down box in the next field (as shown in the picture below). Click on Create. The Xampp setup is now complete.



7- Download the Latest Version of WordPress Here and unzip it under C:xampplitehtdocs.


8- You should now have a wordpress folder under C:xampplitehtdocswordpress. Browse to the folder, and you will see a file named wp-config-sample.php. Open it in your Notepad or your Favourite Text Editor and replace the default values by the paragraph Quoted below. Save the file as wp-config.php (under the same folder).


// ** MySQL settings ** //
define(’DB_NAME’, ‘wordpress’); // The name of the database
define(’DB_USER’, ‘root’); // Your MySQL username
define(’DB_PASSWORD’, ”); // …and password (needs to be empty, just for local install)
define(’DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’); // 99% chance you won’t need to change this value


9- Open your browser and navigate to https://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php or just https://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin .When you will open one of the above links , you will get a screen as below.



10-Just click on “Next Step” and enter some details for your Database Username and Password you will get a screen as shown below. Just Enter any name that you want for your blog and type your Email address.



At this point, you have successfully installed WordPress on your personal computer. Now you can go ahead and work on WordPress offline and as soon as you like what you did, you can easily duplicate that online. I use this method most times whenever I am offline without the reach of internet. I publish posts offline to see how it will look like before publishing it online for people to read. So, go ahead and do this and if you encounter any problem. feel free to come back here to ask for more help.


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