Interview with Adebola Oni of Naija Motivations

Today, we bring to you one of the experts on the internet. He is not only an expert on the internet, he is also same offline. We are glad to bring you this interview. Our desire is to see that you learn a great deal from this interview. Don’t just read. You need to apply the things you gain from this interview.


1.) Please tell us a little about yourself.

Adebola OniI am Adebola Oni popularly known as Mr. Motivator. I am the MD/CEO of Naija Motivation, a Motivational and Empowerment platform with the sole purpose of transforming lives off and online. We have out portal at


2.) When did you start making money online and how did you make your first money online?

I started making money online officially in 2005. My first money was made through affiliate marketing. I was promoting one of my Mentor’s (Jim Rohn), product and I was paid around $4 then and I was very elated back then because it signalled to me that making money online is REAL!


3.) When starting your website, did you ever expect it to grow to where it is today?

Well, I had a dream of pushing my vision into something BIG! I remembered I started with a website targeting whiteys then but I decided to push that aside and start NaijaMotivation because I told myself if I can be relevant to people out there, I can be to my own people.


4.) You’ve been in the internet space for a long time, how much of an impact have you made on the internet?

Though it wasn’t easy but the result is there for all to see. is now relevant not only in Nigeria but so many parts of the world.


Aside that, I have learnt the true meaning of success is to raise other people up and to God’s glory, I have been able to train thousand of people to use the Internet as their source of livelihood. I have a lot of testimonies in my protegees that are now professional bloggers, web developers and Internet Marketers.


5.) How have you incorporated social media into your membership website?

In terms of Social Media, I think Facebook has been my main medium for now. I have used forums to greater effect in the past, but I prefer Facebook to any other means now.


6.) In your opinion, what is the single best way to monetize a blog/website/membership site/forum etc?

Best is a relative word. But instead of looking for one way, I will advice multiple streams of income. Google Adsense is one, Offering trainings, when you are sure you have mastered the expertise you are sharing on your platform and even consultancy is another way.


My advice is you have to be sure of what you are talking about. That is why I advice people to start in an area they seem to be passionate about, if not, frustration will settle in.


7.) What would you recommend for a new blogger, that wants to create their own brand on the internet?

Start with an area you are passionate about. Don’t be in too much of an hurry to make millions in 2 weeks. That is a CRAP mentality because you won’t and I’m sure if you didn’t make the promised money, you will be jumping from one offer to another.


Lastly FOCUS! That is where the money is. be like a postage stamp. STICK TO ONE THING UNTIL YOU GET THERE! :)


MMON: True! FOCUS simply means Fix your mind on One Completely Until Success


8.) Any recommended resources for people looking to bring their internet/social media/information marketing/web development to the next level?

Google! Google all you need to know and you will be surprised at the level of knowledge at your disposal.


9.) Do you have any big announcements or upcoming projects you’d like to tell us about?

Well, due to the volume of work we have done over the year, NaijaMotivation gave birth to IdeaLab Nigeria, a technology company and we are set to carry out so many changes to the way the Internet is being used here.


Our first baby is at:


Watch out for IdeaLab Nigeria :)


Thanks for granting us this interview.


Over to you readers, do you have more question you want to ask Mr. Motivation, you should do so using the comment space provided further below. You should also subscribe to in order to get to know all the multiple streams of income that you need. We are also here to help you in every way we can. Just ask us and we will see to the manifestation.


To your success

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