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Interview with Dayo Edunjobi of NetNaira Makers Forum

Good to have you here today. Today, we are presenting the latest interview on Dayo Edunjobi. In this, you will get to know more about him and also learn from him. It is our desire that you are properly inspired to get serious with your online business. If there is any question you want to further ask, prepare them in the course of this interview and ask them in the comment box provided below.


MMON: Please tell us a little about yourself.

Dayo EdunjobiDayo: Well there’s nothing much to tell because I’m not really good at that. However, as you already know my names are Olusanjo Dayo Edunjobi, born in Lagos State hails from Ogun State, a Computer Tech by profession. I’m an Internet Addict and consequently what you might want to call a jack of all Internet trade, master of some. I am the Owner/Admin of NetNaira Makers Forum, Owner/Admin of eWare eProducts, Netrepreneur, Blogger and Social Media Enthusiast, to mention but a few.


MMON: When did you start making money online and how did you make your first money online?

Dayo: Well, I think that should be in 2007 or there about. The funny thing is that HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) was actually the first thing I got serious with even though I was aware of other things, especially blogging. Those were the days I was experimenting with so many things and I ended losing the money I made from HYIP and then I said to myself, your experimentation is over HYIP, it not worth it, so, I moved on. I began to experiment with other things while getting more serious with blogging.


MMON: When starting your forum did you ever expect it to grow to where it is today?

Dayo: Oh! Sure, as a matter of fact, the present growth is below my expectations. This is because I’m a believer of the “Think Big” principle.


MMON: You’ve been on the internet for a long time, how much of an impact have you made on the internet?

Dayo: To be honest, I’ll not say I have made that much of an impact. This is because many of my exploits have been underground. Despite that, I have made some humble impact in the sense of all the sites and products that I have launched. I have a huge impact in my forums.


Most of my launch have always been geared towards driving some innovations, you know; deviating from the ways things are popularly been done. I have launched two forums so far. The first forum was launched with a unique feature that got copied by a larger and already established forum.


I have inspired two other established forums to improve their design. At the moment of writing this, I just went over to one of my favourite forum to check out an update on one of my thread, I discovered that their homepage design has been improved to look like that of NetNairaMakers. To me that’s a bit of an impact. I’m not trying to put anybody down, neither I’m I trying present myself more than what I am; a learner.


Also, my latest launch ‘eWare’ is currently the Number 1 and the only store in the entire Nigerian cyberspace, at least as far as I know and I stand to be corrected. I’m also expecting it to drive some innovation and ideas in that regard. Like I said earlier, many of these things are underground.


MMON: How have you incorporated social media into your forum?

Dayo: I have done so much with social medial and it always proves it worth. I have one or two profile at every leading social media site; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Friendfeed, MySpace, BlackPlanet, Digg, Afrigator, Gatorpeep, etc even many Nigerian social media sites like 9jabook, Sturvs, Gnaija, NaijaPulse, NaijaPal, Legosains, etc. In all these sites, I made sure I configured my profile in a way that contents from my sites, blogs and forum get published on each of the social media sites I am part of.


MMON: In your opinion, what is the single best way to monetize a blog/website/membership site/forum etc?

Dayo: Sorry, I don’t believe there is anything like “single best” it all depends on a whole lot of factors. Maybe I should share my post on a forum thread. It is related to this. It was started by Iyabo Oyawole on her forum some weeks back.


Hmm! I get asked the same question every now and then, and prior to now, it has always been a tough question I find hard to easy answer. After a while, I discovered the right answer to that million dollar question, and that is pretty obvious from all the response to the post thus far. And the answer is; there is nothing like that.

Why do I say that? Because, it’s all depends on individual; the totality of which comprises the individual’s passion, skill, intellect, experience, motivation, determination, focus and environment. Because, of this factors, what work for Iyabo Oyawole might not work for Dayo Edunjobi and what work for Dayo might not work for you.

For instance, If I’m making my best money online from Google Adsense, with so much ease that I can literally say, I’m doing it without lifting a finger. That doesn’t mean that I will find it as easy or even make as much money if I delve in InfoMarketing or Affiliate Marketing and vice versa. In which case no one can tell me and I’ll agree that the one I find so hard to make money from is the best way.

Looking around the web, you’ll discover this in real life scenarios; we have lots of affiliates making so much money than many infomarketers and vise versa. Suffice it to say that, their are some top means to make money online; like Affiliate Marketing, Informaketing, Blogging etc. But to my discovery none of them can be regarded as the single best means since it all depends greatly on the factors I earlier mentioned.

However, if it becomes a must that I must select the best way to make money online, then I’ll go with multiple streams of internet income (MSII), which would be the combination of every means that’s working for me.


Direct link:,33.msg19406.html#msg19406


MMON: What would you recommend for a new blogger that wants to create their own brand or online business?

Dayo: The keywords are; Passion, Determination, Focus, Diligence and Patience. Blogging is not as easy as ABC or 123 like it’s popularly been made to look. That’s only true for the first few days of starting but it gets touch as you go by until you get to become a pro. This will involve a lot of experience and skills.


The only the thing that will keep you going is your PASSION. My advice is that you have the passion for blogging and blog about what you’re passionate about or develop the passion for it. If the passion is there, then you will have the inspiration/motivation to do whatever it takes to make it successful. Then add to your passion determination, add to determination focus, add to focus diligence and add to diligence patience.


Take enough time to learn the rudiments of whichever aspect of blogging you are interested in; beginning from the platform you are using to the niche you are blogging about, and to the day to day happenings within the blogosphere both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. That way, you can position yourself as an authority within the blogosphere, because you’ll be providing good and up-to-date contents that appeal to your targeted audience.


MMON: Any recommended resources for people looking to bring their internet business to the next level?

Dayo: Of course there are many but I honestly don’t feel like mentioning names. However, I have a very weird resource that when I told people it’s my most recommended resources, they’d kind of like; you serious about that? And I’ll like; I can never be more serious.


What is it anyway? GOOGLE; yes the one and only Google Search Engine. It’s my #1 resource, talking about a resource I never do anything without consulting with first.


MMON: Do you have any big announcements or upcoming projects you’d like to tell us about?

Dayo: I’m working on a product launch, all things been equal, I expect it be one of the biggest product launches of the year; it’s actually going to be targeted at information marketer/wannabe marketers. It going to be a Home Study Course which will address the top challenges of Information marketing/marketers, the full package will have two DVDs, One CD, one Branded Souvenir and probably a secret bonus that will not be advertised. It will cover the researches that you need to conduct in order to have a successful product creation and marketing, creating world class minisites (Salespages), creating professional ebook cover etc.


I’m also working on perfecting the Script that powers eWare and trying to come up with a tutorial to accompanied it, I hope to release it to the marketplace to make it easy for Nigerian Internet Marketer to easily have their own store without the need to hire a programmer which will cost a fortune.


I’m also working on a Nigerian Customized Version of one of the world top marketing scripts. God’s willing I hope to explode and help expand Nigeria Internet Business arena in 2011. Watch out people!


Now, over to you readers, is there any question you want to ask Dayo Edunjobi? Make them available in the comment box provided below. He will answer them accordingly. In addition to this, you should subscribe to this blog so as to get more interviews that we have slated to be published on this blog. You never know, we might just be interviewing someone you want to know more about next week.



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