Introducing Facebook Offers for Business Pages

With the new Facebook Offers for Business Pages, you can bring people to your business with an offer they can claim and share with their friends. It’s simple and straight forward. You can use this to offer stuffs directly on your Facebook pages. I think Facebook did this so as to keep people on Facebook for almost everything


How does Facebook Offers work?

Redeemable in store or online

- Set up an offer that can be redeemed in your store, online or both. E.g. 20% off all sneakers until end of September.

Track new business

Write a clear headline and add an eye-catching image. Add optional features to track redemptions.

Expand your reach

Offers include special news feed stories that tell people when their friends claim them E.g. Tony Keith claimed an offer via Ade Somolu

Add a budget

The first time you try offers it’s free, but after that a budget is required. The amount you pay is based on how many people you want to reach.

For more information of Facebook Offers, please go to and read everything Facebook have previously written about Facebook offers for Business Pages on Facebook. I don’t need to duplicate all of it here.