Introducing LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

Linkedin Sponsored Updates is a new way to reach your target audience on LinkedIn. Professionals on LinkedIn seek relevant content, and with Sponsored Updates. You can reach them right in their feeds with the Linkedinsponsored Updates, no matter what device they’re using – desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Traffic to your websiteLinkedIn Sponsored Updates starts with your LinkedIn Company Page, where you can publish compelling updates about your brand, company, or organization. Now you can sponsor those updates to the same audience you target with your advertising campaigns, giving you more reach, placement in the LinkedIn feed, and quality leads.



What You Can Do with Linkedin Sponsored Updates

Raise awareness and shape perception
LinkedIn Sponsored Updates provide a marketing solution for rapidly increasing awareness and shaping the perception of your brand, products, and services.

Drive quality leads
Generate quality leads by sharing insights that professionals seek. Watch that content spread via the peer sharing that occurs naturally on LinkedIn.

Build relationships with the world’s professionals
Publish your content with Sponsored Updates to create value and establish trust that sparks ongoing conversations and deeper customer relationships.

For more information about Linkedin Sponsored Updates, you can download the Linkedin Sponsored Update User Guide. In it, you will find;

- Why Sponsored Updates?
- Creating and Managing your Sponsored Update Campaign
- Analyzing your Sponsored Update
- Understanding the Sponsored Update auction

… and lots more about Linkedin company pages and information that would help you with the LinkedIn sponsored updates. You can also watch a short video about linkedin sponsored updates

You can get started with Sponsored Updates and make effective use of it for your online business success.


Originally posted 2013-07-30 19:33:48.