Introduction to Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a very hot topic these days. A study done in 2009 by showed that 91% of Americans use cell phones, a total of 285 million mobile subscribers in the United States alone. That’s a huge market that is virtually untapped by most marketers! Some marketers ignore this massive market because they feel there is no reason to use mobile marketing. Others feel it is too technical, too difficult, or too expensive.

mobile-marketingIn truth, mobile marketing is extremely effective, and is a lot easier than you probably think. The truth is, mobile marketing may one day eclipse email marketing. More people have mobile phones than internet access, and many people check their text messages and voicemail much more often than they check their email. Someday, people may be saying “the money is in the phone book” instead of “the money is in the list”! Until then, mobile marketing is still an extremely viable marketing method. You can start using it right away, and you can get in while most marketers are ignoring this marketing method entirely!


What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is any type of marketing that uses mobile telephones. Most people think of mobile marketing as involving SMS text messages, but it may also involve voice messages as well. It can even involve using apps, mobile websites, and even advertisements on mobile television stations.

Marketing to mobile devices requires a different strategy than marketing through email or other methods. SMS messages are typically limited to a relatively small number of characters, so you have to be a little more careful about your marketing. You have to be more judicious about what you say to get your message across in the right number of characters. Taking advantage of mobile marketing is as simple as building a list of current and prospective customers and using a simple service to market to them.

There are many online services that will help you build your list, and you don’t need any special technical skills to do it. Basically, if you can send an email, you can use mobile marketing!


Why is Mobile Marketing Important?

Many people, particularly those who already use email marketing, wonder why they should even bother with mobile marketing at all. After all, they think, isn’t email marketing supposed to be the easiest and most effective type of marketing available? While it’s true that email marketing is extremely effective, mobile marketing can be more effective in many ways. For one thing, people tend to check their text messages and voicemail more often than they check their email. Some people only check email once a day, or even once every few days.

Some people don’t even have an email address! But remember, 91% of Americans (and over 60% of Business minded Nigerians) own a cell phone. With mobile marketing, you can reach people almost instantly. Rather than waiting for people to check their email, and having your message potentially get lost amongst several thousand spam messages, you can go straight to their text message box. They’ll probably see your message within minutes!

The truth is, Mobile marketing is huge with lots of potentials. I am positioning myself to be on top of mobile marketing and also to available when people needs help with mobile marketing. I have started to help people market their business services and products to as many as they can using the Bulk SMS service I provide. You too can make use of the cheap service I offer. Also, I can help you setup your own Bulk SMS site. To get started, go to our services page and read about it and how you I can help you setup yours.

In conclusion, I have a 44-paged mobile marketing complete guide. The guide contains what you need to become successful with mobile marketing. The guide is helping me a great deal. You too can get this guide. The complete guide contains stuffs like;

- Finding Your Target Market
- Using “What’s in it for Me”
- Providing Value
- Getting Mobile Phone Numbers
- Voice Marketing
- Text Messaging
- SMTP Messaging
- Respecting People
- Legal Issues in Mobile Marketing
- Privacy Issues
- Your Mobile Campaign, Start to Finish

…and so many great information you need if you want to succeed with mobile marketing.

Let me know if you need the guide

Now that you have read this post up to this point, make sure you use what you have read here to stay on top of mobile marketing. This is your time. You can make the best out of mobile marketing. Get the guide as soon as possible and then use the information in it to carve a good niche for yourself.

To your mobile marketing success!

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