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If you are looking to get started with a blog, or if you have been blogging for a while but are not happy with the amount of traffic or money your site is generating, I recommend that you take a look at a course that one of my mentors – John Chow just launched, called Blogging with John Chow

(Please note: I am an affiliate for this). Here’s the link: Blogging with John Chow


As you probably know pretty much every week there’s a new Internet marketing or blogging course/ebook being launched. I rarely recommend any, though, cause I am never sure if the person behind it really knows what he’s talking about or not, and whether or not the numbers and figures being mentioned are real.

John got started in the game many years ago, and he’s one of the most experienced guys around when it comes to affiliate marketing and monetizing blogs.

Sure, he has a peculiar style (writing about cars and the places he goes to dinner, for instance), but his strategies work, cause he makes over $40,000 per month from his blog alone.

The John Chow Blogging Course contains the 9 core modules below:

1. Blogging 101 (choosing what to write about and common mistakes)
2. Launching Your Blog (software, domains, etc)
3. Brand-o-nomics (habits of successful bloggers, social networking)
4. Content is King (content ideas, attracting comments, etc)
5. List building (how to build your email list, squeeze pages)
6. Monetizing 101 (advertising, ad networks, affiliate marketing)
7. Hunting Down Readers (how to grow your traffic and subscribers)
8. SEO (optimizing for google, linking strategies, etc)
9. Analytics (Google Analytics, social media monitoring, etc)

On top of that you’ll get access to a 30-day action plan that you can follow to get your blog up and running, four extra modules on automation and outsourcing, and a bonus video with a presentation where John talks about the behind the scenes of his blog (quite entertaining).

The cost of the program is $37 (minus tax), which I think is a fair price for the amount of content and information you’ll get. If you believe this might be the right course for you head to the website where you can get all the details and purchase it. Here’s the link again:

Blogging with John Chow

Make sure you join John Chow blogging course today, learn the things you need to learn and start earning more money from your blog every week.