What Would You Like to Learn about Making Money Online?

To make money online legitimately, you need to first learn what it takes, then apply what it takes and you will start earning. I’ve been making money online legitimately since 2008 and this blog was started in 2010. I want you teach you what you need or want to learn. Please respond to these questions so I can assist you appropriately.

Please note, before you respond to the questions, I need you to know that if you have no value to add or you are not ready to add value to people, please forget about making money. Also, if you are not ready to learn how to sell, don’t bother responding to the questions below.

Making real money online is summarized into… Value creation » leads generation » leads conversion » Sales closure » Referrals » Constant development… If you are ready, please respond to the questions below. The questions marked with (*) are compulsory.


Learn about Making Money Online

* What do you really want to learn?
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*How many years have you been doing online business?
The number of years
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3 – 4
4 – 5
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*How much do you plan earning every month?
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N50, 000 – N100,000
N100,000 – N200,000
N200,000 – N300,000
N300,000 – N400,000
N400,000 – N500,000
Other: (Please specify)

Do you want to subscribe to Make Money Online in Nigeria? If yes, please give the email address you check most time

*What help would you need to make money online.
I want to help. Let me know in what ways you would need my help

Are you willing to work with me and make money doing so? If yes, please fill in what you are interested in (your skills should determine what you’ll fill in)

What do you like about Make Money Online Nigeria (www.makemoneyonlineng.com)?
Kindly tell us what you think we are doing right or what we are doing wrong. You can share your testimony too

You can provide answers to all the questions above using the form below. I’ll be waiting to know what you want to learn about making money online


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