LearnThem: Learn or Teach Anything Online from Nigeria

Have you been looking for a way to learn anything in Nigeria under a tutor/mentor but you can’t find any online? Or Are you good at something and you have been looking for a way to teach people you experience? If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, then this is for you. Anyway, your answer might not be yes, but if you want to get informed, then read this.

LearnThem: Learn or Teach Anything Online from Nigeria


What is LearnThem?

LearnThem is a website developed by Omnific labs that enables anyone learn or teach anything. It is passionately built by Nigerians for Nigerians.

Our Philosophy

Things we learn tend to stick faster than things we are taught, and its even more fun this way. But to learn, we need two things: Knowledge and a form of mentorship. We want LearnThem to provide both.

How it works –Members

Anyone can signup on LearnThem.com.ng, browse through classes sorted by tags and join classes of interest. Joining a class entitles the member to receive class contents by email for the duration of the class. The member is also allowed to contact the tutor by phone for clarifications or questions that might arise from the class contents. Each class is built to operate like a tribe.

LearnThem provides tools for interaction within the class members. LearnThem will offer free and paid classes.

How it works –Tutor

LearnThem works with people who can teach something – effective communications, how to make money online, how to bake a cake; anything at all. Together we create classes for people to join. Such classes may be free or paid or sponsored by a third party.

LearnThem requires that such tutors be ready to offer some form of mentorship to members of her class. For example, you can schedule contact by phone; 1 hour daily between 5pm –6pm. (We strongly recommend getting a new phone number strictly for your LearnThem students.)

LearnThem allows you to charge for your classes, and a revenue sharing formula
can be agreed upon. (We recommend charging moderately for classes so as to increase commitment on both parts, but we don’t want to bill members too high. The primary reason we built this is to touch lives positively and not just to make money. The higher the price, the lower the impact we will make).