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Let me Build your Own Bulk SMS Reseller Site

Our unique Bulk SMS Reseller Program helps you make instant money by enabling you to BUY SMS credits at wholesale price and RESELL them to your customers at your own desired price. SMS Reseller Program is available for individuals, SMEs and large Enterprise business units.


To Build your Own Bulk SMS Reseller Site…

This SMS reseller program is like your own worldwide text messaging solution! A Full Featured SMS web application, integrated with global network connectivity, enabling your customers to send text messages anywhere in the world while keeping your brand intact.

Our model is very simple – it’s purely prepaid. Resellers will pay us to buy the messages in bulk at a wholesale price, and then resells it at their desired price. All stakeholder are provided with web based GUI for accessing the system and transaction. This account allows you to manage your users, brand and promote your Domain Name and your text messaging services. So, the more customers you have, the more messages they send and the higher the price per message you charge them, the more money you make.

The point is that with our SMS Reseller Program you focus on serving your customers and building your business. It is like we are working for you are you are earning out of that. We provide you with all backend services that you need to be successful in selling messaging (text, SI, Flash, Business Cards, SMS greetings) services anywhere. We provide 24×7 technical support.

We offer you the privilege of becoming our bulk SMS reseller and be part of the 5500 billion SMS business. With us, you earn good income, achieve quick growth and build a flourishing career. You get high returns on low investment! You won’t be able to find a similar solution elsewhere in the market.

In other words, there are no services similar to ours for SMS resellers.

What are you waiting for? Become SMS reseller and take your business to new heights.

What will I get?

You require no technical knowledge. We offer:

Fully Branded Free website: ready to use, no programming required.
- Add your company name and logo online
- Have own domain name (
- Select the site theme color and style and make the site as per your own taste.

Modify site content:

- Signup, Login, contact forms, services for your resellers/customers
- Send system generated SMS and email Alerts detailing the login details of your resellers/customers.
- Your website is ready in minutes and you can start selling messages thereafter.
- Integration using our powerful SMS API
- Offers you to connect your software to our SMS gateway using API
- You can send text SMS in many languages, WAP push, business card, Flash messages, personalized messages and SMS Greetings and Alerts.
- Group Management & template management functionality available.
- Support integration using HTTP/S, API, XML, SMPP Connectivity, FTP, COM Components, Email-to-SMS support is also provided.
- Full SMS API Documentation provided

Do you have various SMS Reseller Plans?

Yes, they are as shown in the table below.

Plan Name Validity FREE Bulk SMS Credits Price
STARTER 365 Days 1000 $60.00 (N 10, 000)
BRONZE 365 Days 2600 $170.00 (N 28, 000)
SILVER 365 Days 5200 $220.00 (N 35, 000)
GOLD 365 Days 10250 $320.00 (N 51, 000)
PLATINUM 365 Days 25250 $620.00 (N 99, 000)


How Do I Pay?

Simply send us a mail using the contact form below.

Please make sure you state your full name, email address, your full location, your phone number(s), your occupation and the title or the name of what you want. Please, be rest assured that your information is safe with us. We just need your information to know who our customers/clients are…


10 + 8 =


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