Leverage on VTN’s API to Monetize Your Inventions and Services

VTN (Virtual Terminal Network) makers of VTN Mobile Money (VCash) is calling all computer geeks and developers in Nigeria to leverage on their API so as to monetize their inventions and services. The API to integrate is available and VTN speaks your very language. If you are a Nigerian computer geek or developer, you will love this one.


Monetize Your Inventions and Services with VTN


Now is the time think about monetizing your inventions and services. If your invention and/or services is in any of the categories listed below, then you can be sure of making effective use of VTN’s API to accept mobile money payments.


Agriculture and animal welfare
Hotels and catering and other accommodations
Information technology and telecom
Wireless security
Job search
Manufacturing – food
Manufacturing – non-food
Mining and quarrying
Not for profit organisations
Packing / importing
Personal services
Professional services
Property and real estate
Business services
Publishing and printing
Retail – food
Retail – non-food
Wholesale – food
Wholesale – non-food
Construction and building services
Creative services and media
Entertainment and leisure and tourism
Financial and legal services
Health and social work and complementary medicines


VTN can help you increase your user base and revenue if you integrate services that are beneficial to users and businesses in Nigeria.


Examples of what you can do with VTN’s API is to integrate/connect your web site to VTN, sandbox website for developers and more


For those in need of some help to kickstart, please watch this space and newspaper for VTN’s small business grant competition announcement. On VTN’s team are inventors and we provide unusual level of support. The VCASH technology represents reliable, tested, secure and trusted solution