A List of WordPress Shortcuts you should know

I came across a list of some WordPress shortcuts you can use easily when writing a post to be published later. With these keyboard short cuts, you don’t have to use the mouse to click on the icons. If you need to make a text bold/italics, or insert a link/image or wrap a text in quotes all you need to do is to use the keyboard shortcut. Not only does this enable you to save time but it also helps you to blog more efficiently.

This is some of the keyword shortcuts I came across. If you know any, you can share them using the comment box further below. Please note, these keywords can be used only in the HTML editor part of the new post box. Also, these shortcuts have only been tried when using Firefox browser.

A List of WordPress Shortcuts you should knowBold: Alt+SHIFT+b

Italics: Alt+SHIFT+i

del (strikethrough): Alt+SHIFT+d

ins (insert date/time): Alt+SHIFT+s

Link: Alt+SHIFT+a

Insert img URL: ALT-SHIFT-m

Blockquote: Alt+SHIFT+q

Code: Alt+SHIFT+c

Read More: Alt+SHIFT+t

Unordered List (ul): Alt+SHIFT+u

Ordered List (ol): Alt+SHIFT+o

List Item (li): Alt+SHIFT+l

Line break: SHIFT+Enter

Undo: CTRL+z

Redo: CTRL+y

Publish the Post: Alt+SHIFT+p

Advanced Editor: Alt+SHIFT+z

Edit HTML: Alt+SHIFT+e

Align Left: Alt+SHIFT+l

Align Center: Alt+SHIFT+c

Align Right: Alt+SHIFT+r

H1 Header: CTRL+1

H2 Header: CTRL+2

H3 Header: CTRL+3

H4 Header: CTRL+4

H5 Header: CTRL+5

H6 Header: CTRL+6

Paragraph: CTRL+7

Format: CTRL+8

Address: CTRL+9

If you know any, you can share them using the comment box further below.

To your WordPress success

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