MailCliq: How to Send Email Newsletters 100 Times Cheaper

Free yourself from paying for expensive email campaigns. Now you can pay as you go – no engagement, no monthly charges. With MailCliq, you can easily setup automated marketing that engages your contacts based on their actions & needs. Create drip campaigns to follow up with your subscribers. Keep your subscribers engaged and your brand at the top of their mind. Save time, increase revenue.

What are the features of MailCliq?
Real-time Analytics
mailcliqGet real-time, in-depth stats analytics of your email campaigns on the go via your desktop or mobile devices.You’ll also get useful tools to be more efficient than ever.

Personalize With Custom Fields
With custom fields, you can store more than just names and emails. Use custom fields as personalization tags in newsletters to create a more personalized experience with your subscribers

Visualize With Beautiful Reports
Visualize results of every campaign in a beautifully formatted report. Visualize opens, clicks, bounces, complaints and countries with charts & data. You can also re-target accurately by exporting segments of subscribers from your report.

Sleek Lists & subscribers Management
Manage lists & subscribers easily with Mailcliq. Automatic bounce and complaint handling, mass import/delete subscribers, custom fields, single/double opt-in, custom subscribe/unsubscribe confirmation page, thank you/good bye emails, subscribe form or API to add users (takes a deep breath), you name it!

Guaranteed Delivery Via Amazon SES
Mailcliq uses multi-threading to send emails via Amazon SES.
Free yourself from paying for expensive email campaigns and forget about email limits set by your host while at the same time enjoy high successful deliverability rate. Best bang for your buck.

I am presently using MailCliq as my email autoresponder. It’s been very useful to me. It’s going to be useful for you also. Get started today by becoming one of the people that uses MailCliq. It’s free to use, you only pay for the email campaigns you send. Go register now. You can send email newsletters 100 times cheaper than MailChimp and much more cheaper than Aweber, GetReseponse and other. Learn more today and start


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Originally posted 2013-06-17 16:13:20.